Post-grad honeymoon part 2, Lauren’s graduation dinner and Blogging

It seems like I was on Easton Ave yesterday partying the night away at the Olive Branch or working out at the Easton Ave gym in the daytime. I think I am beginning to miss part of the perks of living on campus as opposed to staying in the suburbs where there is almost nothing to do and where nothing is within walking distance, but I digress. Today, I woke up around noon and watched "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children" on DVD on my HDTV, which looked just amazing! However, the downside was almost none of the special features are dubbed or have English subtitles, which made it very frustrating to watch the deleted scenes, the featurettes, and the trailers.

At 5:00, I went with my parents to Lauren's graduation dinner party to celebrate her completion at SUNY – Stony Brook at a Chinese Buffet. The food was great and I had a great time talking with them and other family friends. Tonight's highlight was coming very close to losing my cell phone, but it turned out it was lying somewhere in the minivan.

This is actually the 5th or 6th blog I have started up since I started blogging on the piece of shit known as Xanga. First blog was about myself and my hatred of post-war Iraq, the second blog was also about my adventures in college, the third blog was bashing Japanese nationalists, the Chinese Communist Party and Taiwanese ultranationalists, and my fourth blog was about my misadventures in my final semester at Rutgers. Currently, all of those blogs have been shutdown for various reasons which I will not discuss. However, I have learned about blogging in general:

1. Do not refer to anyone by name unless they are portrayed in a positive light.
2. Do not make the blog easily accessible.
3. Have a clear objective on the blog’s intent.
4. Do not refer to companies or organisations by name.
5. Do not provide information that can be used against you.

With that said, one would think the best solution would be to exercise self-censorship to the fullest, but that simply defeats the purpose of blogging in the first place. Although it is true that the "Pen is mightier than the Sword", one can realise that self-censorship will reduce individuals to do little or no writing and resort to other actions such as dressing up their blogs with useless javascripts, annoying background music, or even garish backgrounds. What I am saying is that self-censorship will reduce any creative and intelligent individual into a mindless drone, also known as "Xangans", who obsess with adding javascripts, online quizzes, background music, wallpapers, or even limiting written entries for the sake of being inoffensive and to be "popular". Stereotypical Xangans are all style and lack substance because they made the decision to self-censor based on their fears and due to the Xangan culture that exists in that community.

This is the reason I finally chose WordPress as my new blog host. First, I has a clean and simple interface in the spirit of blogger and typepad, which sets it apart from the crap interface that is Xanga. Second, it has privacy measures that allow me to write personal private entries, protected entries that only close friends can access and public entries to let people what I am up to. Third, it comes with various built-in functions such as a stattracker, image uploads, and categories so I can organise my posts.

To sum up:

AOL :: Internet Service Provider
Xanga :: Weblog Hosting Service


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