Paperwork is Fun! 魯迅是我的英雄﹗

Ah what an uneventful day!  The bulk of the day was spent filing paperwork for my United States citizenship application, which was a pain in the ass to be frank.  Nearly three-quarters of the questions asked me if I was a convicted felon, a drug user, a communist, if I was in the Nazi party between 1933 to 1945, and if I am a terrorist who advocated the destruction of the United States and her Constitution.  What a waste of pen ink and time!

I continued working with the self-help book, where I realised I was not suffering from any forms of depression upon reading the chapters dedicated on the subject.  I do believe however, that I am suffering from some sort of anxiety involving transition or dealing with people in social settings.  It is best to read through all the chapters just to be safe and to learn more about the nature of depression and anxiety.

Lu Xun (魯迅) is a God!  Everything he has written in his short stories is an excellent criticism of the problems China is facing during the revolutionary era.  I am glad that both the KMT and CCP have removed most of these problems he has written (CCP in the Mainland and KMT in Taiwan Province).  However, I believe Lu Xun would continue to bash the fuck out of the CCP in the Mainland and Taidu pigs in Taiwan Province if he were still alive today.  It is possible he would bash the CCP for betraying the ideals of communism and for allowing only a small minority to benefit from the free market reforms at the expense of the peasants, who were historically the backbone of China. In regards to Taiwan Province, he would criticise the Taiwanese pigs for betraying their Chinese heritage in favour of a Western/Japanese identity for all the wrong reasons.  One of his short stories criticises Chinese perceptions that all Western culture is superior and one should reject all Chinese culture when he was actually calling for the integration of Western ideas while rejecting feudal culture to create a stronger, progressive Chinese culture.  He would also criticise the KMT for failing to live up to Sun Yat-Sen ideals and those who supported the Xindai Revolution in 1911.

Found out Chihiro’s fears were unfounded as she managed to get a Hyundai for work and stuff.  Now I need a fucking Nissan to go to the job interview! I also found Maid Cafes and Otakus quite amusing.  I did not know that they can make roughly 100K in Yen, that the average customer pays $75USD for the cafes and that maids can provide some private sessions to make even more money.  I want to commend the man who thought of dressing up cute girls in Maid Outfits and having them serve customers in an Otaku themed cafe.  It is a disturbing, but extremely profitable venture or so it seems =D


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