More Paperwork.

I woke up late again unfortunately after musing about certain items I was discussing with friends last night. It seems that life is complicated as this morning I received a phone call from Bloomberg for a possible job interview but had a great deal of trouble as she gave me a non-working phone number and their customer service centre did not detect any outbound calls directed to me…

I took the train once again to workout at the Easton Ave gym doing cardio-based exercises for an hour before going to the labs to print out documents concerning my passport renewal. Once I returned home, I watched the latest episode of “Fifth Gear” where they did a comprehensive road test on Honda’s fuel-cell vehicle, the FCX. The interesting thing about the test was that the car ran smoothly with an engine that sounds like a turbine from “The Jetsons” as the presenter noted. In addition, he unofficially made history by testing the FCX’s 0-60 time as well as breaking the local traffic laws in the process. The best part was the FCX was able to survive all crash tests imposed by Honda, which is especially important in a car that carries compressed hydrogen. It looks like fuel cell-powered automobiles are the wave of the future so long as Honda, and its competitors can resolve issues concerning net energy, the supply of hydrogen, and how to make it financially accessible to the average customer.

Paperwork was not as bad as I thought. It was only 3 pages worth of applications for a passport renewal. The only items that need to be completed are getting new passport photos and having a guarantor fill out his or her specified sections of the form.

Later made a call to see how friends are doing after graduation. O’Keefe is having computer trouble and is currently working on tasks for his organisation. It turned out the issues he was faced with earlier in the week were largely resolved and not as bad as it seems. Kathleen is just staying over at Scott’s place (great!!!) and we are supposed to have lunch sometime tomorrow. On the other hand, Jason is still slaving away in CVS pharmacy and should return the call when he’s home.


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