Uneventful Yesterday and 台灣省萬歲﹗

Tuesday: Went to Rutgers to workout for an hour and later attempted to learn Japanese from a language book I found on bittorrent.


It's really hard to input Japanese when Microsoft does not follow proper romanisation standards.

Wāpuro rōmaji (ワープロローマ字, Wāpuro rōmaji?), or kana spelling, is a style of romanization of Japanese originally devised for entering Japanese into word processors (wādo purosessā, often abbreviated wāpuro) while using a Western QWERTY keyboard.

This week's Fifth Gear was interesting. In this episode:

  • Vicki tests out how reliable a 16 year-old Mercedes E Class estate (station wagon) by giving it some very serious punishment
  • Tom visits a service station in Tokyo where at night, some crazy cars show up for a car party
  • Behind the scenes of the car stunts in M:I:III (Mission Impossible: III)
  • A look at the day in the life of Nick Freeman, a hugely successful defense lawyer who's been dubbed "Mr. Loophole" because of his ability find holes in the law
  • Tiff gives the brand new 620 horsepower Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano a thrashing about in Italy

It turns out the 1990 Merc E-Class estate was able to survive just as much abuse as the Toyota Hilux that was featured on Top Gear in 2002. I was surprised that it was able to stay in relatively good shape after it was run over by the monster truck. The highlight was the E-Class was still able to run and move all four wheels after it was nearly crushed by the truck. The next highlight was learning that illegal street racing has been out-of-style for nearly 10 years and replaced with impromptu car parties in rest areas. Most kids usually show up with tuned cars or modified MPVs that double as DJ booths before being scared away by cops. What was most interesting was the Van with a tricked out laser lights, karaoke, and obscene speakers. Disappointment for the episode was the new 599GTB because it was ugly and it lacked the charm that the F430 has.

Taiwan Rules!

Wo Ai Taiwan!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUOxaxxP3b4 – Explains the scandals plaguing the Chen administration.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCnkTz4FThs – Explains Chen Shuibian's random tour of the world.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D791pozVYCA -陳水扁硬抓勞拉玉手. Our honourable President manhandling First Lady Laura Bush because Taiwan is an important American ally!


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