X3, On Taiwan Province and Stalkers

I was waiting to see X-Men 3 for some time since it came out during Memorial Day weekend. However, both Bill and Rob told me the movie sucked with Bill pointing out that it was full of cliches while Rob told me that this film diverged beyond the original source material. Apparently the third X-Men film is supposed to wrap up a trilogy involving the main characters from the first film such as Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Rogue and Wolverine. X3 has ended the "trilogy" by first killing off both Cyclops and Jean Grey, depowering Magneto and Mystique, and most of all transferring Professor X's mind into a new host. What upset me the most was that they over-hyped the introduction of many new characters such as Psylocke, Callisto, Arclight, Kid Omega, Angel, Multiple Man and Juggernaut although the first 3 characters I named were killed off at the end and the rest don't do anything except say witty lines. After the credits ended, Greg and I were treated to a strange scene where Professor X awakens in a comatose man's body that was explored earlier in the film.

What are my political views? I find that writing helps me better understand where I stand on certain issues.

Taiwan Province. I believe that Taiwan Province will always be a province of either the Republic of China or the People's Republic should they reform into a liberal democracy. However, I am opposed to the current brand of Taiwanese Independence promoted by Chen Shuibian and his DPP cronies. In the past, the DPP would promote the idea of Taiwanese Independence as a way to improve the quality of life for Taiwan's citizens by allowing for easier access to countries, less paperwork for businesses, and a way to reaffirm the island's current position by gaining the rights of a nation-state. In addition, the DPP in the past would also compare their version of an independent Taiwan with Singapore, Austria and Canada by pointing out that these countries have ethnic Chinese, Germans and Americans who are proud of their heritage but at the same time are able to exist peacefully with their neighbours who share a similar culture. This brand of Taidu did not deny their Chinese heritage and argued their case based on practical reasons.

On the other hand, once the DPP gained power in 2000 and reducing the ruling KMT/PFP into the opposition, things started to change. The pro-democracy, reform, and moderate factions of the DPP were either purged from the party or rendered ineffectual, allowing for the pro-Japan and nationalist factions to set the agenda. The DPP/TSU's fatal mistake is linking their independence movement with the rising right-wing nationalist sentiments in Japan (they try to justify WW2 and deny Japanese War Crimes) as well as using state resources in a bid to purge the island of all Chinese culture. This brand of Taidu at best attempts to glorify the Japanese colonial era, defend Japan when right-wing politicians make controversial actions, and most of all use anti-Chinese rhetoric to promote "Taiwanese Nationalism". Many overseas Taiwanese are unaware of these changes in the independence movement and continue to believe that it is the same benign movement they have been supporting for years. They are unaware that if the DPP/TSU have their way, the ROC anthem, flag, symbols will be erased from the island; so we can say goodbye to the Sanmin Zhuyi, the flag that we have all grown to associate with Taiwan, and learn to love Lee Tenghui in favour of Sun Yatsen, the Father of the Republic.

What is even worse is that this faction attempts to use ethnic tensions to build their case for Taidu (Taiwanese Independence). These people claim that they are "Native Taiwanese" despite being ethnic Chinese having less than 1/16th Native Taiwanese ancestry. The real Native Taiwanese are known as the Aboriginals or Yuanzhumin, who make up at most 2-5% of the total population and are culturally related to Southeast Asians. These Yuanzhumin are the ones who have the absolute right to work for independence just like Okinawans and Native Hawaiians. However, the ethnic Chinese presenting themselves as "Native Taiwanese" have systematically hijacked first the Aboriginals' right to be recognised as Native Taiwanese, their Aboriginal rights movements by making it their own, and even their right to declare independence.

It doesn't help that the DPP are filled with unskilled politicians who have little or no experience running the state. Much of their policies are motivated by empty nationalist sentiment and are actually detrimental to the population as a whole. There was a time when wealthy business interests supported the DPP/TSU in their quest for reform and independence, but times have changed. Although many agree with the principle that Taiwan should function as an independent, liberal democracy, these same business leaders are unable to compete due to the government's implementation of laws to restrict trade/contact with China and from the ruling party's reluctance to reform economic laws to increase competitiveness against Korea, Japan and China. As a result, the economy now only grows in the mid-single digits as opposed to the double digit GDP growth it experienced from the 1970s-1990s and business leaders have either defected to the KMT/PFP or developed their own contacts with CCP officials.

I have found out that I am being stalked by the following people on AIM who happen to visit this blog. I do not know how they acquired my AIM or how they even know of me in the first place. Below are the list of people who are known to stalk me or view this blog:

BrianHeHe (AIM)
SuperKenX (AIM)
Jubbliepuff (AIM)
NullSeraph (AIM)
rapeyourmother (AIM)
GetShorti2 (AIM)
Jesus (AIM)


One thought on “X3, On Taiwan Province and Stalkers

  1. Hey wait a minute, nullseraph is my AIM screen name, and I have no idea who you are! I think this is the first time I’ve seen this page — found it by doing an ego search for nullseraph (it makes me feel better about myself).

    Anyway please let me know when this stalking happened — if someone is using my SN I’d like to put a stop to that.

    Thanks in advance!

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