George W. Bush is Gay.

According to, Gay is defined as the following:

gay – 1. Happy. 2. Homosexual. 3. A generic insult.

Based on the popular definitions, the word Gay in this post will be used as a generic insult especially in addressing the "President" of the United States. This means that George W. Bush is gay in the sense he is an idiot, homophobic, retard, spoiled and incompetent.

According to this BBC article

Bush calls for gay marriage ban

US President George W Bush has called for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages. Mr Bush used his weekly radio address to deliver a plea for the US Senate to formally define marriage as the union of man and woman.

He said the measure was needed because "activist courts" left no alternative.

An amendment stands little chance of being passed but analysts say Republicans see the issue as a vote winner in November's mid-term polls.

They say the president is seeking to switch the spotlight onto positive issues for his party in the wake of his slumping popularity – particularly over Iraq.

In other words, Bush is so desperate to divert attention from all the problems in Iraq that he is trying to make non-issues into something his party can fight for in November's elections. This is just pitiful; he is trying to tack on an Amendment that would restrict marriage for only a man and a woman that would basically discriminate against the rights of homosexuals. Although I do not agree with the concept of homosexuality in the sense that it does not appeal to me, I do have several LGBT friends who would love to express the fruition of their relationships through marriage and experience all the joys and pains that come with it. Besides, just because gays are married does not mean their marriages will work out =D

With that said, I feel that all taxpaying residents of the United States who have equal protection under the law from any form of discrimination, even if it is supported by members of the ruling party. There are LGBT Americans who are patriotic, law-abiding taxpayers who should have the rights entitled to them just like any other patriotic taxpayer. In addition, other countries such as Canada, Spain and even Taiwan Province have legalised same-sex marriage with little or no problems. It turns out that many of these same-sex marriages have ended in bitter divorces just like regular marriages because a relationship is still a relationship regardless. From an economic standpoint, gay marriage is a wonderful idea because it allows for state and federal governments to gain a little more revenue from the marriage tax and a boon for lawyers who specialise in divorce or prenuptials. From a social standpoint, it is only right to allow productive members of society to be entitled to the same rights and privledges as any other law-abiding and responsible person.


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