Paperwork and Dreams

Got citizenship and passport photos taken. Later went to Macy’s to buy new dress shirt and tie.

Rest of the night was spent playing Dynasty Warriors XL 5.

My dreams never made any sense to me.  They are either hints of the future, events I wish to happen or just randomness.  The dreams where I receive glances at the images of tomorrow are interesting but I never realise the meaning of those people or events until it happens in real life and all I can do at that point is just have sensations of deja vu.  The dreams where my subconscious tells me of my desires can be telling, but I usually don’t take them seriously because I know it is my mind telling me things I want to hear.  The last of those dreams are just random events which are based on something that bothered me before I slept or whatever piques my interest/mind.

The most recent dream involved me getting back in touch with Melody, a girl I had a crush on in High School and simply starting a friendly conversation and swapping contact info at the end of it.  This dream tells me that I am still troubled by my failure to approach her in the past and my need to somehow come to terms with this for the future.  What I wanted to do was get back in touch with her to either be friends or more if possible, and to say what I wanted to say since I lost touch upon graduation.  I believe these are just wishes in general and a desire to revisit the past to better the future.  It sometimes doesn’t hurt to think of the past and it’s sometimes nice to have dreams that end on a positive note.

This Friday’s episode of “quanmin damenguo” involved the three remaining members of the Sunday Girls who chose to stay in Taiwan Province and some comedians impersonating famous Pop Idols.  The show mostly asked the girls questions about Japanese Men vs Taiwanese Men, Perverts, train molesters, and how they deal with problems in relationships.  All three girls were cute and spoke decent Mandarin. =D


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