FF7: Advent Children and Murderball

Finally saw Advent Children on the HDTV. It looked amazing!!! If only the original Final Fantasy movie was this good…

FF13 Versus looks good as well. Action adventure with none of the baggage that made Final Fantasy boring. I really don't have time for role-playing games these days, they are a) too time-consuming, b) tedious, and c) have more love triangles, betrayals, and emo characters than a typical Korean serial drama.

The Final Fantasy I had the most fun playing were FF6 and FF7. FFX-2 was fun, but it was just too easy at times. I decided not to resurrect Tidus because he sounds too Whiny and Yuna deserves better.

The worst Final Fantasy game I played was FF8 with an Emo for a protagonist and dramas that make Winter Sonata look like a kid's story. Squall was too Emo, his best comeback was "…Whatever", and he bitches and whines for the entire game. All he needed to do was to slit his wrists and the entire game would had made perfect sense. In addition, none of the minigames or "combat system" were any fun. I had to take civil service exams to increase my pay grade, steal magic from monsters and my stats were determined by the amount of magicks I had equipped. What this means is that I am constantly reminded of school work, of personal dramas, I had to spend hours "drawing" magic from monsters and my characters' stats would decline should I use magic in battles. Basically, the game reminded me of school and life; things I do not want to deal with when I'm supposed to enjoy myself and have fun.

The Faye Wong theme song also sucked. WordPress spellcheck also sucks.

The next film I saw was a documentary called Murderball.  The film documents the American and Canadian Wheelchair Rugby teams are they train for the 2004 Paraolympics in Athens.  The documentary explains what the sport is about, the stories behind the players for the American team, the struggles of the Canadian team's coach, and a quadrapalegic who is adjusting to his life after getting out of rehab.

This film follows the lives of a group of (mostly) young men who comprise the US quadriplegic rugby team, and their voyage to the 2004 Paralympics in Athens. Not to be confused with the Special Olympics, as one of the men points out in the film! These guys are rough, tough athletes who are eager to prove their skills to team Canada due to a bit of a rivalry. The coach for the Canadian team was a star on the US team for years, who moved up north to coach after a bitter legal battle following his cut from the team.

Interesting things I learned from the documentary were Murderball was first developed in Canada and played with heavily modified wheelchairs, and how the sport helped each disabled person improve their lives, and that there are actually instructional sex videos to teach the paralysed and their partners how to have sex.  Despite their problems, the players are still in strong spirits and have an extremely competitive edge.  The sport looks more intense and violent than American football and even Rugby in some cases.


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