Uncyclopedia is hilarious!

Recently, I have found a great parody of Wikipedia.org called uncyclopedia.org which allows for crude, original and politically incorrect humour on various topics.

On Japan's people:

Japan is a single island composed entirely of ninjas. However, it must be noted that these ninjas are virtually all sleeping, so they do not stab people from behind. Mount FujiChinese). is their base, which has has been prevented from erupting by means of the unbreakable will of the Japanese people (that part which was not stolen from the

The remain population is equally divided between Horny lolikon schoolgirls, Ronin Samurai and GUNDAM pilots. All Japanese people are capable of going Super Saiyan (Just lvl 1 and 2)and destroying everything in a 1 kan radius (68,000 km). Most of the kids at the age 14 – 22, look nearly the same, the only thing seperating them is school uniforms and outofthisworld haircuts (yes we are talking 5 kilo's of wax and other toilet cleaning products), all girls have tremendusly nice figures (which we refer to the Anime Age Of Life). All boys have the effect of chickmagnets and usually has at least 4 girls fighting over himself (the boy often looks like a girl and acts like one as well). The most common hobby of all kids in Japan is driving around in 150 feet tall bad-ass mecha machines with SUPER GEAR MEGA PARTICLE CANNONS and fight whatever POP-UP-OUT-OF-NOWHERE-badguys-aliens-wtf-shit must be lurking around. Therefore, in order to keep them distracted, the US government demanded, after WWII, that they spend their time watching anime to quell their rage and put them into a state of eternal bliss (see: Pikachu seizure). The Japanese are hardy folk, having developed their powers to combat the various monsters that plague the region. Unfortunately, because of the Wide Eye War of 2003, their powers have been slightly reduced, so they have to rely on monsters found in the wild fields of Osakamon.

Japanese women are capable of ovulation only when sufficiently agitated. Consequently, in excess of 97% of Japanese pregnancies are the result of rape. This aspect of Japanese biology has not affected population growth as rape occurs quite regularly in Japanese culture. As a phenomenon particular to the Japanese, many such rapes involve mutant flora, fauna, or extraterrestrials. A rape resulting in a pregnancy is often celebrated by rites held at a local Shitno shrine.

On Taiwan Province's political parties:

As of this writing, Taiwan has four major dominant parties in its government. Each one is not corrupt in its own special way, but all of them get funding from The-Asians-living-in-California-working-in-IT-jobs-named-Wang Association. It is therefore evident that corrupt offcials reside in the Chinese government killings its own people for its own evil aims.

The parties are as follows:

KMT (Kill Mother Teresa) Party: This is by far the largest of the four parties that exist on the island. It advocates the reunification with the mainland with Taiwan taking over as the leaders of China. This was the leading party until most of the members migrated over to mainland China. It is still unknown why they have such hatred towards Mother Teresa. Rumors are often heard how the fact that Mother Teresa did not like stinky tofu being the source of hatred. KMT therefore is a useless corrupt party.

DPP (Demented Political Party): This is the second runner up party in Taiwan. It’s party members advocate Taiwan becoming the 51st state of the US. This is the current political party that rules Taiwan. It won over the KMT in 2000 voting by 20 more bribes. The current president of Taiwan Chen Sui Bian faked his own death in 2004 by putting a bullet in his pocket. Three days later he was seen rising out of a sewage gutter alive and was proclaimed the messiah. This is why he won the election for another term.

New Party: This is the joke party in Taiwan. I mean hey, any party that calls itself the NEW party must be consisted up of the world’s largest group of retards. This basically defines the party. They advocate Taiwan becoming an independent territory so it can make its own passports rather than stealing them from China and erasing the “Mainland” with white-out.

CSC (Chinese Student Council): This party plays a much lesser role in the turmoil but it is willing to advocate for whatever party as long as that party sponsors the next Lunar Gala Ugly Dress Show. Which is when Asian Americans dress up in potato rags and call it Chinese Culture. This is also why China lost the war to Japan.

On China's flag:


On Korea's culture:

The Corean day to day life consists of never waking up, of course because sleep is not an option for Coreans playing Starcraft, they dont ever wake up, EVER, once the day has started they will go to work, where they play Starcraft for a living, then have lunch, while having lunch they are, of course, playing Starcraft, one brief time of not playing Starcraft through the day is the hour of ZaoGao, this is an hour long session of praying to the holy lord, Garfield, god of ZERGLING RUSHES, and how he got it on with Odie, after this its back to work, playing starcraft, then its time to drive home, of course, playing star craft while its being done, once home, they will play Starcraft while getting it on, and when its bed time, they dont go to bed, they will play more Starcraft. Console games are banned, along with any other product of the Zapanese imperialists, but paradoxically, PlayStations are now popular in Corea.

It is a not very well known fact that Coreans are big-time sadists. Coreans who have any sort of control over other people (School teachers, Bosses, Ect.) abuse their power like Fidel Castro on ecstasy. For example, Corean techers give massive work packets to kids to complete over the summer.

On Asian girls:

Asian chicks are a series of human, renowned for their light weight and durability, and also featuring a Vagina. Like their eyes, their vaginas are also known to be slanted. Generally used for these characteristics, they also have a tendency to come with a cute smile, a bonus characteristic. There is no such thing as an Asian chick with blue eyes. The majority of the series is made in Asia (except north asia, and little asia). Among white Asiphiles they are ranked in following order:

1. Japanese chicks

2. Korean chicks

3. Chinese chicks

4. Vietnamese chicks

5. Thai chicks

6. Others

This website http://www.uncyclopedia is hilarious!


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