The Fox Effect

Earlier today on 06/15/06 around 7:35 PM EST, FOX News Channel aired a segment about the town of Mountainside trying to pass "No Knocking" registries to prevent religious groups, salesmen and politicians from soliciting households. This law was supposedly influenced by the town of Dover's decision to pass a similar registry after a crazed magazine salesman killed an old lady.

Supposedly, Fox News also showed the "Fair and Balanced" side of the issue by portraying the New Jersey "Environmental Foundation" as a group that opposes such registries and implying that they support elderly women getting murdered by salesmen. The issue here lies not with the report but how they portrayed the Environmental Organisation.

1. They associated the non-profit organistion with the likes of magazine salesmen and other solicitors.
2. They showed us at our staff meeting and on the field with narration that suggests we all support crimes related to door-to-door solicitation
3. They implied we are of questionable background by associating us with the crazed murdering magazine salesman.

After this segment aired, several colleagues who later found out they were filmed, including myself, wonder why no one either opened their doors or suddenly turned us away when they came to the door. I must say, I never expected to be unfairly attacked by Fox News at such an early stage of my life; especially when I have no attacked their news network on record. The head of the North Jersey office has a copy of the segment on VHS. I would not complain if this report was aired locally, but it was actually aired nationally on Fox News coast-to-coast…


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