Shanghai Torpedoed.

In the final semester at Rutgers, I had mentioned a great deal about my long vacation to Shanghai.  It was a way to finally get back in touch with my sister and to get a breath of fresh air after spending too many years in New Jersey.  Things were not working out during my final semester at Rutgers as well; job prospects were not so great while other items were becoming unpleasant or complicated.  All the reasons for me to take this fun trip were in place; it was also a way to help me cope with present problems by looking forward to the future.  So in the end, I graduated from Rutgers with Honours and my friends had the impression that I was going to head to Shanghai or Hong Kong not long after with the possibility I would not return to NJ.

As a result, some made arrangements with this assumption while most were happy that I was able to have the opportunity to live my life under new rules, new conditions and in a new frontier called China.   Then something strange happened.  My sister decided to postpone her plans because her daughter was going to visit universities in late July or August, which led me to delay my plans and look for work in the meantime.  This actually led to great opportunities in New Brunswick, Somerset, and Montclair because each of these firms had something unique to offer in my personal growth and interests.  So, I took the job in Montclair where I was able to strengthen my confidence, improve my communication skills, and learn a few sales techniques as well.  The New Brunswick job was also interesting because two of my RBS classmates work there and I got along with my recruiter at the interview.  On the other hand, the Somerset job was a great fit for my interests and has awesome benefits.  Around the time of this job hunt, my sister tells me her daughter also found work in HKSAR and the plan is back to where it was before.  I was frustrated and upset by this last-minute change.  Certain relatives had taken this opportunity to keep me in NJ and my passport had expired by the time these changes had occurred; leaving me stranded in NJ.  

Now I am at the stage of receiving offers, many of which have a three-month probationary period before gaining full benefits.  This means I will not be able to have a long vacation as I had planned to figure out "Who is 'Mark Milton'", work in my sister's boyfriend's ad agency, and improve my Chinese.  Instead, the best I can hope for is a two-week family reunion with my sister after my probation ends (if I am lucky).  I had wanted to get the hell out of here for the longest time for the same and different reasons at the same time, but now I must work my way and hope for the best.

Life is complicated.
Things happen for a reason.
It never works out exactly as planned.

But I still look forward to the future. 


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