Friday’s Day Off

So I had my day off today from NJEF to get my mind off the frustrations of the past three days and to break my bad performance streak.  I went to cash in my NJEF check based on last week’s performance and send in a payment for my student loans.  I later met up with Kathleen and showed her where I will work and my home.  We hung out for a bit watching Infernal Affairs until Scott gave her a call.  Apparently, Scott does not allow Kathleen to hang out with her guy friends and he flipped out the last time I hung out with her way back in January.  I find this quite pathetic as both Vivian and Miho’s boyfriends are comfortable with them and their guy friends.

At the same time I gave Chris from Arbinet a call to clarify on vacation time.  He told me he can relate with the need to see family, but I must either A) be an exceptional employee to qualify for 3-week paid vacation or B) go for 3-weeks with one-week being unpaid (not recommended).  Since this reunion is a long way from reality, I replied by telling him I was unaware of such standard policies and reiterated that the plans are still in the works.  Afterwards, he told me he received my background check forms and it should go smoothly.


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