I like music

What kind of music do I like?
Does it involved synthisers?
Does it involve real instruments?
Does it involve choirs?
So what kinds of music do I like?

Well, I like
A chunk of Rock
Alternative, Industrial, and Classic Rock
U2, Rammstein, and Beatles
East and West alike
Like BEYOND or Smashing Pumpkins

I Like Hip-hop
A bit of Tupac
A bit of Eminem
A bit of Old School
And even some foreign stuff

I like Asian music
Mostly from China
Like Jay Chou and Andy Lau
And Korea
Like JTL, and Hyori
Yes you read it right

Electronica doesn't hurt either
A little of Techno
A little of Trance
A bit of Dance
With names like
Ministry of Sound
DJ Tiesto
And unknowns
Before they
Their sound
For the masses

Other music
I like are
Music that
Is ageless
Like Frank Sinatra
Or soothing
Like Sarah Brightman
So sue me

My 20 gigabyte
iPod music player
Is nearly full
With 3000
Or so songs
Of music I like.


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