Slow Sunday and Final Week @ NJEF

This week will be my last week at NJEF. I enjoyed the company of many of my colleagues. The Field Manager, Eric, was a nice guy who made canvassing seem not as scary as should be and has that positive attitude that helps the rest of the team. Brian Moyer was the one who recommended me to a full-time position and showed me the ropes during my first week in training. I wish him the best as he tries to get the Buffalo office of Clear Water Action up and running. Dave was a cool guy who will be ok for the most part and he believes what he is doing. Kerry and Kevin are NJEF members who have lots of experience canvassing; they should be ok too. Excluding my observation day, I have spent a total of 10 days in training and at work.

Now that I have survived my 10 days, I decided that although I am capable to selling myself, the organisation, and getting people to either contribute or write letters, I don’t see this as a long-term commitment. Sooner or later, I will suffer a string of bad streaks like I did last week or become disillusioned at my work like that liberal-turned-corporate shill, which will both eat away at my confidence I have strengthened from work or turn me away from NJEF’s ideology. Tomorrow, I will not be going to work as I have switched over to part-time schedule for my final week. I decided that it is better to leave the organisation under good terms with a letter of reference and eligibility to return in the future. I doubt I will be returning to canvassing in the future, but I will make an effort to refer kids to NJEF or join the Clear Water Action VISA credit card to do my part and earn reward points.

Sunday was actually a slow day as Jenhangir was unable to secure a ride to hang out as planned. Things are pushed back another weekend; perhaps something will be done by then. Spent most of the day playing Dynasty Warriors and a bit of Gran Turismo 4 while I was buzzed from Chinese Cabernet Dry Red Wine. Drinking and driving at high speeds in a front-wheel drive vehicle is always fun so long it is not done in real life (DUH!). Now I am considering trading in my old broken PS2 for some cash and to get a copy of Dynasty Warriors 5…but that’s another story.


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