Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

Was decent and much better than the first two ricer films. The only difference with Tokyo Drift has with the first two are as follows:

1. It has a fish-out-of-water story about a trouble-making redneck who goes to Tokyo to stay out of trouble
2. A love triangle between an orphaned foreigner, a naive American and a wannabe-Yakuza
3. It talks about drifting and spends time poking fun at ricers (particularly their inability to make turns)
4. There is no undercover crime ring or conspiracies in this one
5. Neither Jin or Ludacris are in this movie.

Some issues I had with Tokyo Drift are:

1. Most of the “Togue” or mountain racing scenes look like they were filmed in Northern California.
2. Import models Kaila Yu and others were noticeably visible in the racing scenes
3. Some of the insane drifts in “Downtown Tokyo (Actually Downtown LA)” look fake
4. The director must of seen Initial D live action for inspiration for certain action scenes
5. Not enough time showing our hero in Japan and mingling with locals
6. They swapped a fucking Nissan V6 into a Ford Mustang (crime against all petrolheads)
7. Vin Diesel returns at the end.
I guess this is as good as it gets for the Americans. Initial D live action only cost a fraction of what it cost to make Tokyo Drift, yet that movie had decent character development, compelling action scenes (all night scenes were actually done at night instead of day shots using CG), and decent acting from non-actors like Jay Chou and Edison Chen. On the other hand, Tokyo Drift had some night scenes shot during daylight and edited using CG, little or no character development, and poor acting from trained actors like Lucas Black. I liked how Tokyo Drift filmed the bulk of their action scenes in California while Initial D filmed all their scenes in Japan.

Tokyo Drift gets 3.5 Rice Rockets out of 5.


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