3rd to last day at work

Was ok. Just made standard and got a few letters.  The area I was dropped was mainly working class people and sterotypical minorities.  Then Indians gave a zillion excuses not to help out that I just shot down while Asians just didn’t care in general.  What made the day was a neighbour who told me he was glad I came over to talk to him and said he was proud to sign our support statement.  In addition, he did what he could to contribute (which was fine) and he was more than happy to do the letter campaign.  One other interesting thing was this girl named Suzanne who thought aloud about quitting and was very confrontational about issues.   She later did quit by getting a ride home from Hillsborough, where we were canvassing for the day.

I really hate it when people tell me to come back later only to say they are not interested or give excuses on not being able to help.  Indians are the worse with their excuses while Asians are apathetic in general. These stereotypes come to life mainly in mixed-income or working-class neighbourhoods.


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