A weird dream and 2nd to last day at work

I had a dream this morning that involved a reunion with RONs people. We all go together in an auditorium or a gym court where we mingled and talked about our adventures since graduation. I doubt this dream is a hint of what’s to come, but it’s mostly likely what my subconscious is trying to tell me something. Everyone at the little reunion was getting together and mingling. I remember having random conversations with people I haven’t seen like Shivanna, Ami, Stuart, Harrison, Tedwin, Chihiro and Miho. I didn’t see Sean or Choi in my sights, but I did notice her alone on the other side of the reunion. For some reason, I just took a glance while talking to others to notice that she was all alone. No boyfriend or rabid admirer in sight or I just didn’t bother to look.

In many ways this mirrored what normally happened at a RONs social gathering in the club or outside of it: most of the predominantly non-Japanese members would get together and socialise while the predominantly Japanese group would keep amongst themselves. In this case, it was just her alone on her side while everyone else was mingling and enjoying the moment. This could also be my subconscious telling me to cherish my friendships that I have made rather than throw it all away for a mysterious, yet questionable girl. I’m telling myself yet again that she is not worth it: not worth alienating my friends, not worth losing focus, not worth having my judgment impaired and not worth any emotional drama that would come with it. This was in a sense a good dream, because I made this valuable insight before waking up long before my alarm went off…

On my second to last day at NJEF, we were dropped at Cliffside Park, a working class town near Fort Lee. There I did not make standard for funds but managed to secure 11 letters/calls from neighbours. People here were really working class, they preferred to contribute through cash, which was OK since I reassured them that it all adds up in the end. Biggest resistance came from Hispanics and Koreans, who either did not speak English or were just being very Asian. The only instances where I got contributions from Koreans was because they thought I was Korean due to the “look” that gets me invited to LiNK meetings and the fact I am from Edison (Jun Choi’s city).

One person I talked to was from Iowa and lamented how people in the Tri-State area are just plain fucking apathetic in regards to their deteriorating quality of life. He makes a valid point and I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way about NJ residents. On another note, I always feel motivated and appreciated for my work at NJEF whenever a neighbour thanks me for talking to them and empathises with the amount of time spent knocking on doors and discussing issues with neighbours. I am glad there are people who understand and appreciate the time and effort canvassers spend in neighbourhoods unlike those cunts in Colts Neck, NJ.


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