Last day at work

Was at Hillsborough except I was dropped in a upper-income and middle-income neighbourhood. The rich people were just typical bastards that I can hear screaming to their husbands or kids not to answer the door or would tell you to return at a later time only to not answer the door despite seeing people running around in their homes. These people feel like they are entitled to their personal success and see canvassers as leeches. Some of them would not even talk to bother reading the clipboard because it is below them. It does not help that these people are extremely apathetic and will only do something when their kids start turning into mutants or if their dogs suddenly gets sick from all the pesticides they ask their Mexicans to spray. These people disgust me; they forget who they were before they succeeded and lack any manners (especially those that make sense). So I did not meet my goals in funds or letters and this adventure just reaffirms that rich people are just apathetic and stingy bastards. It was sad how the middle-income supporters contributed more on average and I had to emphasise the tax-deductible part to get some rich bastards to contribute.

Later we all went to staff night for food and drinks. Drank 2 daquiris and a beer before heading out. I enjoyed the company of my peers at NJEF. The three weeks were a good experience and it ended on a good note. The middle-class and the working-class are groups that actually empathise and appreciate what canvassers do when they come to their doors. Rich people are bastards and PIRG does something stupid to get on their bad side.


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