Saturday at Palisades Mall, Brasil Lost?! Superman Returns, Sick Sushi Bar

Finally able to hang out with Jehangir who I have not seen since the get together in NYC before graduation. His car was smashed up on Friday from an interesting encounter with an eighteen-wheeler, which meant we got a ride to Palisades on his mom’s Merc E-Class. We started catching up on our developments since we graduated such as Jehangir passing his CPA exams, my adventures in canvassing and the need for WillMon’s presence for the sake of randomness.

Once we arrived at the mall, we decided to watch the last 7 minutes of the France vs Brasil match at the Chili’s pub. Everyone watching the game was rooting for Brasil and I was appalled that France was leading the game. We cheered when the French team got carded and collectively sighed when Ronaldo and Ranaldino missed their shots. In the end, France won 1-0 against Brasil and I had a strong urge to burn French cars when the game ended. All my hopes are now on the Germans…I hope they beat those French bastards. At least I didn’t loose money on this like in ’98 due to bad French refereeing.

Later went to see “Superman Returns” at the AMC and it was a great movie. Kevin Spacey was a great actor, making viewers believe that he is Lex Luthor and mirroing Gene Hackman’s performance in the original movies. The new guy did a good job portraying Clark Kent and a decent job portraying the Man of Steel. The only issues I had were his costume that emphasised his jock and did not have a large enough S-Shield on his chest. The first action scene involving a shuttle test gone horribly wrong mirrored the first scene of Superman in action in the classic Superman: Man of Steel mini-series, which I thought was a nice nod to the comics. However, the main concerns I had was that Lois Lane was married and had a child with another guy; but there was a nice twist near the end. Although Superman Returns was nowhere near as great as Batman Begins it did a good job revitalising the dormant franchise. Let’s hope they make a Batman/Superman movie in the near future.

After the movies, we went to a rotating-sushi bar. The selection was decent and most of the staff members were Japanese who would always scream something whenever new customers arrived. We ate in celebration of Jehangir’s completing the CPAs and my transition into corporate America next week. The plates of sushi eventually added up for me but Jehangir was full after only eating three plates. However, it turned out that the sushi was not that fresh despite eating with wasabi and Pinot Grigrio. I had a sever stomach ache on the way home and so did Jehangir from only eating three plates. In the future, I would not recommend anyone to eat sushi at that rotating-bar on the 4th floor of Palisades Mall!!!


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