Dramas? Old Memories? Cute Gossipers?

The rotating sushi-bar brought back old memories of Hong Kong where my relatives including my real father conspired against me. The conspiracy involved my father’s family friend talking me into going with her and my uncle to Hong Kong to study abroad in a French international school. However, when I arrived to Hong Kong, my uncle did not bother to enroll me in an international school or even a local school while the family friend lied to me by claiming that there were no French or English international schools in HK. So I was basically left to rot emotionally and mentally in a improvised learning centre near my uncle’s small business. My father did not bother to make periodic calls or anything to check up on me during the entire 3-4 months I was stuck in HK. My mother made a call, but she was powerless to do anything to get me out of there. To this day, she tells me to call her if I need help; but in my heart I know despite her well-intentions she cannot do anything to help me. This is the awful truth.

Despite this horrible situation I was in that eventually cost me an entire year of school and led me to develop paranoid tendencies for many years, the family friend felt bad for me. Therefore, she decided to set aside some of her weekends or work hours to take me to places to have fun such as a Arcade, Tourist attractions, Ocean Park, and even introduce me to some of her Godchildren. These acts were great at the time, but today it does not change the fact that she conspired with my father and uncle to fuck me over. If I ever meet her in person I will try to find out the exact circumstances of those events and decisions made.

Anyways, one of those places she took me was a rotating sushi-bar where I enjoyed myself while she picked up the tab for my brief but enjoyable meal. I had not been in a rotating sushi-bar for nearly 15 years; it’s strange that such a place can bring back such memories. Although I was able to focus on the fun memories while purging out the horrible ones from my mind. The difference is this time I had to pay for my own tab…haha…In hindsight, I would have pigged out even more if I had knew that bitch was conspiring with my father to get rid of me so he can have time all to himself…

Texted both Chika and Miho to find out how their adventure to the zoo went. Chika texted back not knowing who I was and told me she didnt go. Found out she was taking 2 jobs in the retail sector and she is having trouble with finances. She is a junior so she will have enough time to sort this crap out and I told her to enjoy college as much as possible before she becomes part of the workforce like me. I feel like Jehangir telling myself the same fucking advice. Chika also told me that Zuri was shocked that Sean and Naoko were dating, which I had known since April. I told her I was ok with it since I am out of the silly drama and wondered if they were dumb enough to announce it to the group. Turned out that didn’t happen, according to Edwin-Sama who was informed by Sean and later told Zuri while discussing random items.

I found it interesting that these things happened on the same day I had that weird dream to remind myself to move on. The less I know her, the easier it is to walk away form the drama. Friends say it’s not worth it, ministers revealed to me the true priorities I’ve always had, and she did reject me after all.

Power is knowledge and knowledge is power.

I prefer watching Asian dramas than being a participant.


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