WordPress facelift and 07/04/06

Happy Fourth of July! This is the day the 13 colonies declared their independence from Great Britain and won their War of Independence with help from the French. The day was spent eating lunch with family members, visiting relatives and then enjoying the holiday. Time was spent playing Dynasty Warriors and watching random movies on cable networks.

I also downloaded this week’s Fifth Gear to learn that the Golf R32 was superior to the BMW 1-Series, the Citroen C6 has amazing suspensions, and about a cool Japanese dealership-theme park called Megaweb. The most interesting segment on this week’s episode was the build quality of 1990s Mercs. The presenters had lobbed grenades at it, shot it with an old 16th century cannon and even detonated the engine with dynamite. Despite these abuses, the car still had working electrical gadgets, doors the properly closed and even a running engine!

Recently, I have chosen a new template for my blog. I chose this template because it was more convenient for me and it allowed for certain images and links to function. It’s been over two months since I left Rutgers and it will be two days before I return to that old college town.

On a sad note, the Italians knocked out the Germans in the World Cup semifinals 


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