First Full Paycheck at Work

Received my paycheck today and the government took a chunk out to throw into a bottomless well known as Iraq. But I feel happy about my check!!!

Talked to Chika for about an hour today to see what’s happening on her neck of the woods. It may not look like it but RONs is full of horribly set up Asian drama. I learned the following from our conversation that I am willing to discuss:

1. Naoko was flirting with Dan the night they went Nightclubbing in the City, about 3 days before Sean made the secret relationship public on his xanga.

2. Vishal likes Chihiro. I did not see this coming at all.
3. There was a falling out between certain people, which explained why they stopped going to RONs all of a sudden

4. We discussed her dark side, which Dan must be protected from.

5. Warned Chika about Vishal’s immature gossiping.

It seems like this club is filled with enough material to develop maybe two or three J-Dramas and even a spin-off or sequel. Oh those silly Asians, always getting love triangles, love quadrangles, crushes and breakups. We must be influenced by the serial dramas growing up and by the horrible male-female ration in our respective homelands.

I found it strange how things at RONs turned upside down. I remember I was closer with Edwin, Bree, Shivanna, Sean, Miho, Kevin, Stuart-Harrison and Ami in the fall talking about life and randomness while the Spring semester I became closer with Ted, Miho, Ed, Vishal, Hide, Chika and Dan. It seemed like I literally changed groups at the expense of alienating the original crew in a span of a semester. One semester I had no interest in the girls at RONs, the next I was somehow dragged into a stupid drama.

I have a strong urge to just walk away and keep this information priviledged to just people who have access to this point (Although I can trust two people to keep this info a secret). I should not be giving two shits about what Happens in the Asian Drama Club, but my work is only across the street from Rutgers, where my friends live, laugh, cry and breathe. This is in my interest to make sure they do not get into any problems that undermine human relations and result in needless emotional pain.


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