Top Gear

Has returned to the airwaves after weeks and weeks of the 2006 World Cup!  In yesterday’s episode Jeremey Clarkson tested out the Mondeo ST, the Mazdaspeed6 and the Opel Vectra OPC.  Ironically enough the Vectra was the fastest car of the three, the Mazda was the best handling thanks to its all-wheel drive and the Mondeo ST was the best value.  In the test track, the Vectra was the worst, the Mondeo was in the middle and the Mazda did the best.

The next segment involved the trio going caravaning in the countryside.  However, the wind up getting into traffic jams, car accidents and even torched their caravan and the adjacent one near the end of the segment.  Brian Cox, general Stryker from X2 was the Star in a Reasonably Priced car and he and Clarkson kept poking fun at America.  The last bit was Richard Hammond attempting to break an indoor record with a V10 Toyota F1…which didn’t go so well.

It’s good to see Top Gear returning to the air after a month on hiatus.  Fifth Gear is on tonight!!!


One thought on “Top Gear

  1. Hi,
    Could anyone tell me what’s that theme from when the vectra, mondeo and mazda are racing? Please respond.

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