Pathetic Lunch

Went to lunch with Kathleen today even though it was only for 2 hours.  She had given me the impression that we were going to hang out for most of the day from what was said in the phone call.  I also found out she had drank and dialed me last night because she was not enjoying the party she went to with Scott.  I had told her that I have a job down in Albany St and that whatever nonsense I was involved with is largely over.  I also implied that certain things happened in that semester were a result of things that happened between us in the very beginning of the Spring Semester.  It was just another way for me to move on and get my mind off being fucked over by Scott/Kathleen.

Near the end of lunch she received a phone call from Scott asking her to return to Busch campus to hang out with him.  She had told me before that her boyfriend places restrictions on what guy friends she can hang out with, which I find to be extremely pathetic, especially when trust is not an issue.  She keeps complaining that she is uncomfortable around Scott’s parents and friends, but she does nothing about it.  It’s such a vicious cycle, especially when Scott is leaving for Atlanta in a few months for work and school.  This arrangement is more agonising that the other incident that occurred later in the semester because I knew her, I was not given a chance, and this is a sad situation.  NJ is not the greatest place to meet people, especially those of the opposite sex.

New Jersey sucks.


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