Bang Bang Shoot Shoot!

Woke up at 6:30 to meet Vlad at the best buy parking lot to get picked up to go shooting in Pennsylvania.  I brought along earplugs, shoulder guards, some fruit snacks and lots of bottled water.  We met up in a gas station in Wayne where I met Josh, a former police officer from Louisiana from moved to NJ along with his family because of Bush’s stupidity in handling Hurricane Katrina.  He said he once supported Bush during his first term, but felt let down by his recent actions and for nearly ruining his family’s life because of the Katrina incident.  He is now largely ok with a lucrative job working in networking and operations.

Rob and his girlfriend later showed up and we took his SUV for the long ride to rural PA.  We went shooting in an uncontrolled range where we were allowed to use nearly any inanimate object for target practice.  Vlad brought some obsolete hard drives, cd-roms, coke bottles, while I brought some old milk cartons, laundry containers, a Rutgers course catalog book and 2 yellow pages.  The guns I used today were a 22 calibre rifle, a Romanian variant of the AK-47, a AR15, a 308 Savage, a Beretta Storm, a Glock, a Revolver, and a 12-gauge pump action shotgun.  I spent most of my time going through the motions of shooting a rifle as this is my first time ever shooting using live ammunition in real-world settings.

People sometimes brag that they are great marksmen as a result of “pwning” people on games such as Unreal, Counterstrike and even Time Crisis.  The problem is that none of these games take into account the weight of the rifle, the temperatures from rapid fire, the recoil, and the surrounding environment such as weather, visibility, etc.  A few geeks who actually mastered using a sensitive mouse and keyboard commands would bitch and whine about visibility and the recoil hurting their shoulders.  It was quite interesting how I was able to learn to accurately shoot using a 22. rifle, but the trade-off was the lack of damage it caused.  On the other hand, the AK-47 nearly bruised my right shoulder, but I was nowhere near hitting my targets.

I think it would be a great idea to bring Jehangir and other gun-nuts along for the next get together.  One would think that shooting in a range is a great way to vent; but it’s not.  I didn’t really have any thoughts on my mind other than hitting the target and causing maximum damage to it.  The two main rifles I used most of the time were the 22. for practise and the 308 for maximum damage.  The only time I even thought of someone on the range was when I shot a Rutgers catalog into pieces while Vlad’s brother burned what was left of it using a lighter.  The funny thing was we kept using a burning catalog for target practise…yet for some reason a burning catalog reminded me of a certain classmate from Rutgers (a flaming academic?).

People should go try out shooting rifles or handguns once in a while.  It’s a great learning experience and quite fun once people understand the responsibility and find their favourite weapons.


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