I have received my 401(k) package earlier this week. I have looked into the funds, bonds and asset portfolios using the enclosed booklet, Malkiel’s “A Random Walk down Wall Street”, and google finance for all the relevant information. I think my holdings are well-diversified based on my risk tolerance and investment style.

I have made the proper set up for my pre-tax contributions based on my age group and future needs. I am starting to feel older right about now but at least I’m not fucked like Mel Gibson. The “Passion of The Christ” was a 2.5 hour film showing Jesus getting tortured for 2 hours and it was quite boring in my opinion. I was much more entertained watching “Casshern” and “Tomb Raider”.

Drinking 6-10 cups of coffee everyday at work alternating between the free sodas and water. Monster.com continues to recruit me for work that is at most $30K USD, which is just bullshit. I am fortunate to get above that pay range right now, but work is becoming hectic this week in light of deadlines and 3rd quarter earnings coming out on Thursday.


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