What Keeps Me Moving At Work.

Are not only the unlimited supply of coffee and soda, but my iPod. A nice combination of electronica and caffeine is ideal in a situation involving downtime and rescheduled tasks. However, coffee is not ideal for consumption when one is being overwhelmed with tasks to the point of having headaches. Tomorrow is the Third Quarter earnings announcement and I am assured that it will be insane from what I have heard.

In general, there will be problems in businesses when the market matures and there are disruptive forces at work in the industry or sector. The challenge therein lies with developing innovative products and services that would allow the business to not only survive but evolve through these extended applications of the core product or service. Another insight is to analyse the “customers’ customers” to find out how to best approach a problem and to looks at the specific issues while still having an overall grasp of the big picture. Then again, I could be wrong.


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