Summer festival?! OMFG!

This morning was spent at Wachovia sorting out my checking and CD and the rest of the afternoon was spent with relatives.  We first went to Minado for a lunch buffet where I overate to the point of vomiting.  Fortunately that didn’t happen as I made it out of there in one piece as the place was closing down to prepare for the dinner buffet and to feed their workers.

The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping at Mitsuwa, formerly known as Yaohan.  The place has changed so much since it was renovated during the Fall of 2005.  The sushi booth is now on the top-left corner alongside the snack booth which are right next to the tomato pizza place.  The ice cream store and the tea store are now gone and replaced with a cafe where a florist used to be back in the day while the ice cream booth was replaced with a specialty macha booth.  There is now a celluar phone store run by Koreans and two more specialized udon shops as well.

The strip mall across the supermarket also went through some changes. There were only two stores left where one was the result of merging the toy store, Japanese culture store, the discount store while the other was the same bookstore from years past.  The shuttle bus was still around carrying Japanese/Chinese/Korean tourists and NY customers to the area to do some shopping.  At the bookstore, I noted several throngs of American Otakus congregating around the Manga section discussing characters and reading books on “Bento Art” while another group was scanning the magazine section for “Gothic Lolita” and “Cosplay” magazines.  The only thing that interested me in the bookstore were the tuner and car magazines with their renderings and speculations on future car models from Japan.  Bill claimed there were schoolgirl magazines back in the day when he was around the area, but I am sure they have purged the store of such publications to make room for the Kid’s section on the store’s corner.

A friend had mentioned that she worked at Mitsuwa. However, I did not see her in any of the places she mentioned. I guess it was just a really crowded day or she was not scheduled to work that day.  Such is the crazy schedules made in the retail industry.  Other items I noted were today was a Summer festival and most of the women – even the Otakus – around the store were dressed up in Kimonos or Yukatas.  Plus, they were selling cooked lobsters for about $6 USD.


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