The fatigue is setting in

Worked out yesterday to the tune of weights and cardio machines for at least and hour and a half.  Later walked home from the gym which added to the fatigue.  I wound up taking a nap around 9:30 without realising it until I woke up at midnight before going to sleep again.  I had a great sleep despite almost waking up late and nearly missing the train to work.

Work was an interesting day today with conference calls, agendas, revising reports and coordinating tasks with coworkers.  There will be no more consumption of coffee at work as I had chest pains from drinking over 10 cups of Coffee in a day last week.  The caffeine withdrawal is nearly complete and I will be ok by tomorrow.  I spoke to Eddie earlier and now he is in the rat race to find work in his area of interest.  I wish him the best knowing how hectic I was looking for interesting work in the past year.  After work, I got a haircut at a local salon and I plan on exploring the area in my quest to find a reasonably priced and experienced hairstylist.

Life is never meant to be simple. But then again, that’s how life has always been for me.


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