Hangin’ at Union

I actually slept in today until 1 in the afternoon and talked to Will about hanging out at his place later in the day.  The train ride to Union wasn’t too bad, except his neighbourhood was quite ghetto despite living in the good area.  At his place he showed me all the goodies he bought from his Asian adventure into Hong Kong, China and Taiwan Province.  One of these items was a pellet gun replica of a HK47 machine gun.  We went to his basement and proceeded to shot about a thousand pellets into targets before we got bored.  It was different using an electric-powered pellet gun as there is no recoil and it was quite hard seeing if I hit my target due to the lack of force coming from the pellets.

After target practise was over we went on to play We Love Katamari and Guitar Hero on his widescreen DLP Samsung HDTV.  Katamari was a great game, but it was just hard to get things done when we played in Co-op mode.  One of the best parts of the game was first being able to pick up people, then cars, then monsters, then giant whales, and finally land mass.  The Soundtrack made the game an even better experience with the right songs for the appropriate stages.  Guitar Hero was just as fun although I struggled playing Ironman, I Wanna Be Sedated, and I Love Rock and Roll.  The PS2 guitar peripheral was a great idea, if only they had made more games for it before the PS2 market matured.

Will’s parents also invited me for dinner, which I finished before rushing to catch my train home.  I had a great time and even more fun than hanging out with Kathleen.


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