Blade Runner

It was 1999 when I first got my dell that came with a DVD-ROM and a Pentium 3 processor.  One of the first things I did with my computer was install my games from the old computer and test out all the multimedia features.  I tested-out my DVD-ROM by renting “Blade Runner”, a movie I knew nothing about other than it starred Harrison Ford and it was always referred in artilces in various science, engineering and video games magazines I read.  That was when I saw my first film on DVD except it was on a 17 inch monitor on my computer.

On a Saturday night, I went to watch Blade Runner for the first time in seven years in my 52 inch LCD Projection HDTV, with 5.1 surround sound.  It was quite a different experience compared to watching it on my computer.  The resolution was clearer, the sound was crisp, and I realised I had forgotten key elements from the film.  Since watching the film, I have been involved in discussions on whether Harrison Ford’s character was a replicant or not.  Arguments supporting this idea are the director Ridley Scott stating on several documentaries that he intended Deckard to be a replicant and clashed with Harrison Ford on the set over this and other items; Gaff appears to know what Deckard is thinking; Roy Batty knows Deckard by name without knowing him; his large collection of photos; and the fact Deckard never took a V-K test himself.  On the other hand, arguments against this idea are Harrison Ford and the screenwriter claiming they both intended Deckard to be human; humans are referred by their surname; Deckard barely survived his encounters with replicants; and replicants are banned on Earth.

After watching the film again, I have to agree that Deckard is a replicant because 1) Roy Batty somehow knows him despite never meeting him, 2) Gaff shows up right after Deckard retires a replicant, 3) Gaff knows what Deckard is thinking or feeling, 4) Roy kills all the humans he has met except for Deckard and 5) Bryant mentions a replicant who was captured after being electrocuted.  The film implies that Deckard is the mystery replicant who was electrocuted, but survived and given memory implants by Tyrell so he can be used by Gaff and the LAPD to track down the remaining fugitives and possibly learn other approaches to hunting replicants.  Another item I noted was how there was no male fugitive replicant who was B-Class in terms of physical and mental abilities compared to Roy and Leon who were physically A-Class replicants while Leon was mentally C-Class.  It’s an interesting discussion in addition to the themes of globalization, pollution, urban sprawl, and the use of technology presented in the film.  Maybe I will get a better answer to when the Special Edition finally comes out on Blu-Ray.


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