Shows of the day

The documentary “CSA: The Confederate States of America” is a satire of a documentary about an alternate history if the Confederacy won the Civil War and conquered the Union.  In this satire, Blacks are all reduced to chattel, there is “apartness” in the conquered Latin American states, Jews are all rounded up and placed on reservations on Long Island, NY, and everything great that came out of the Civil War flourish in Canada, which is currently engaged in a Cold War with the CSA.  The documentary was popular in independent film festivals and was supported by Spike Lee when it was playing in cinemas.  The more disturbing parts of the film were the CSA commercials that were played between the documentary with products based on actual racist brands and services used at different periods in the United States.

Frontline had a documentary on Private Military Contractors and explored the merits of outsourcing military duties to them.  The correspondents noted the lack of security in Iraq as of 2005 (the date the segment was aired), the lack of transparency and accountability among the PMCs, and how these same companies were ripping off the US military and taxpayers.


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