Movie Day

Lesson learned: American bootleg DVDs are of inferior quality compared to their Canadian or Asian counterparts.

Election 2: The sequel to “Election” picks up 2 years after the first film, with each of the main characters enjoying their new-found success with Lok (Simon Yam) as their Chairman. However, things take a wrong turn when Lok becomes power-hungry with a desire to stay for a second term to the point of murdering rivals and even murdering Uncle Teng, the elder triad boss. It becomes even more complicated when Jimmy-zai is caught by Chinese Public Security and banned from doing business selling bootleg movies and porn in China unless he is a Triad Chairman. The film ends with Jimmy becoming everything he wanted to avoid when he joined the triads, and with the Chinese Public Security pressuring him to make his heirs become the Chairman in the name of National Security.

Shadowless Sword: A Korean fantasy martial arts film taking place during the Khitan domination of Balhae during the 10th century. A beautiful female warrior is sent by the Balhae remnants to find their last surviving prince who has been exiled into a remote village 14 years ago. At the same time they are being chased by Balhae collaborators with a leader who is out for blood against the Balhae royal family. I had the most trouble watching this film because of the low quality and encoding from the bootleg DVD and because the DVD was full of laser rot when I opened the package. Shadowless Sword was filled with excellent cinematography and action, but was filled with plotholes.

Wall Street: This was actually airing on the Fox Movie Channel about a young ambitious stock broker who is seduced with easy success by Michael Douglas. Everyone wants to live the live that Gordon Gekko, but the challenge lies doing it ethically and legally. This film is a modern classic that explores issues that are still relevant even in this era in light of Enron, Tyco, Worldcom as well as an SEC that has been rendered ineffectual thanks partly to the Bush Administration.


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