Prison Break Season 2, Episode 2

So it looks like Veronica did kick the bucket and the shadow government disposed of her corpse in neat little plastic bags. The gang has split up after they successfully evaded the Feds in the first episode. There are currently two storylines coming out of the prison break: one is a race to find buried treasure in Utah with Sucre, C-Note, T-Bag, Tweener, and Abruzzi and the other involves Lincoln and Michael evading the authorities. A third storyline might develop with Balliwick and Pope hunting down the Fox River Eight for the reward money and to redeem themselves.

Why is it that LJ Jr. always complicates things for our main heroes with acts of stupidity? In the first season, he fails to kill a company agent and is implicated for double-homicide while in tonight’s episode he takes his sweet time getting away from the courthouse. This kid is an idiot and it’s obvious he did not inherit any of Michael’s special talents.

I also thought it was messed up how T-Bag decided to kill the Indian doctor with lethal injection after he reattached his hand with care and gave him good advice on how to get back to normal. It was even creepier when he implied that killing the doctor would allow him to absorb all his strengths. That seems to have happened to an extent when T-Bag dyed his hair and assumed his identity by taking his Jeep, his clothes, and his identity.

Tweener is also too retarded to pass as a college kid in Missouri. He almost blew his cover when he told the girl he “mailed” his stuff to Utah using UPS…


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