Wapanese or Japanophiles

Wapanese/Japanophiles are abominations of God; they’re are all failed miscarriages that our Lord neglected to carry out. I see them online mindlessly worshiping all things stereotypically Japanese from Hello Kitty to Japanese AV (if you don’t know what AV stands for, the better).

I sometimes see them in groups crowding around the Japanese bookstore across the street from the Mitsuwa supermarket debating over which Naruto character is cooler, looking for magazines on “Gothic Lolita” or even getting tourist guides for various regions in Japan. However, I saw these people most when I was back at Rutgers in the good old Japanese Cultural Association (the Anime club).

Oh, why? Why do I despise Wapanese/Japanophiles? Well, there are several reasons for my dislike of these abominations.

1. Superficial Understanding of Asian culture. There was a time when Anime or Japanese animation was treated as any cartoon show on television. Asian kids who grew up with this stuff in either Hong Kong, Taiwan Province, the Philippines, and Japan would treat it as any other cartoon with the exception that it sometimes had mature storylines or topics. I grew up watching Doraemon (when it was called Xiaodingdong in HK), read Saint Seiya comics, and even the occasional Gundam SD models. Then again, I am Asian and this is the stuff a good number of kids there grew up on in back in the day.

However, things became extremely warped when you see 20 to 40-year-old Americans with no formal understanding of Japan or even Asian culture in general picking up interests that only Asian children would have done. Can you imagine seeing a 40 year-old American virgin obsessing over Anime shows that you and I have watched fondly when we were around the ages of 5 to 10? How about a 26 year-old graduate student bragging about how a heavily censored DBZ manga was the greatest thing he read until I pointed out to him that the storylines are nearly a decade old and they censored important points in the story.

Then, there are the high school kids who talked about how great “Gundam Wing” and “Gundam SEED” are while talking down on “Mobile Suit Gundam” without realising that the success of “Mobile Suit Gundam” led to the creation of the other shows and that the newer shows consist of nothing but recycled material from the original series.

2. Poor taste in Anime. For some reason, Wapanese/Japanophiles these days like their Anime girls drawn to look like 10-year olds, to act like submissive slaves and to have extremely annoying voices. It has even reached a point where some Wapanese/Japanophiles have openly stated that they prefer having an animated Anime girl over a real human being. With that in mind, it would be safe to say that Wapanese/Japanophiles would become overstimulated from looking at an “Anime” drawing I did of my friend instead of the real her even if she offered herself to them.

Then there are those Wapanese/Japanophiles who would go after girls who only resembled characteristics of an “Anime girl” meaning a girl that is at most 5 feet tall, Asian (preferably Japanese), big eyes, extremely friendly, and has a “cutesy” voice. I pray for any Asian girls who happens to fit these traits and is also unfortunate enough to bump into Japanophiles.

3. Unhealthy obsession with Japan. Because of Wapanese/Japanophiles, Japanese has been jokingly referred to as a “Sovereign state with the highest number of fanboys in the world…”. Interestingly enough, the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry has encouraged animation studios to produce more Anime television shows and films to export to the world alongside their existing exports of AV, cars, electronics, and electronic component.

As a result of increased output from studios, I feel the quality of Anime has drastically declined due to cliche storylines, weird show premises that only a Thai ladyboy could have conjured up, and low episode runs. There was a time when Anime shows would have long episode runs spanning at least 100 episodes with storylines that covered current issues or dilemmas of growing up as well as plausible premises such as dramas of a high school basketball team instead of 12-year-old girls battling necrophiliac Confucian-Nazi Aliens from a dimension grounded on Viking mythology in Okinawa while juggling the problems of finding cute boyfriends and surviving classes. That type of crap seems popular with Japanophiles.

It looks like I have digressed. What annoys me the most is the fact that Wapanese/Japanophiles will worship Japan as if it was God’s bastard son and go medieval on you if you even consider poking fun at anything pertaining to Japan. Even if you are making valid points on a particular issue on Japan, they will automatically argue that you’re wrong and even accuse you of being racist against Japanese people. Some arguments are:

“Oh grow up, Koizumi is praying for peace and Chinese and Koreans are just overreacting to a visit in a ancient Shinto shrine,”

or “My Japanese friends don’t know much about the issues so I think you don’t know what you’re talking about either”

and “You’re anti-Japanese because you are tempted to throw rocks at the Japanese embassy because of what the government is saying about the past.”

Then again, I have seen worse discussions with politically-conscious Asians and idiot Wapanese/Japanophiles. I remembered one thread where a Korean who loved Rurouni Kenshin praised Japanese annexation of Korea because “[They] fought against the Chinese in the Sino-Japanese War to help Korea become a modern power” and another where a hippie Wapanese/Japanophiles girl said “The Rape of Nanjing is just an isolated incident…move on and stop picking on Taiwan”.

Ironically, many of these Wapanese/Japanophiles have never been to Asia, had any formal study in Asian, let alone Japanese, history and culture; and they develop their views from superficial items such as Anime, sushi, and so on.

I am still surprised that Rutgers has an Anime club that is often attended by random Wapanese/Japanophiles and by the fact that there is no Star Trek or Star Wars club at Rutgers. I would also like to add that cosplay does not work for White people and it looks much better on Asians, especially the ladies. If you don’t believe me compare images of American cosplayers with those of Asian cosplayers…


62 thoughts on “Wapanese or Japanophiles

  1. A think you´re right. Here in Brazil we have the very same problems with lots of Otakus who think that Japan is just a cool-high-tech place full os doll-faced GIRLS – for many of these Otakus, there are no girls older then 15 in Japan. And they keep assuming things about Japan just based in the few Animes showed onTV (remembering that here in Brazil the Animes are showed only 5 or 10 years after they´re launched in Japan and ONLY if they can sell dolls). But what can we do about them?

  2. It’s true. All of these things that you said are true. Your words are harsh and piercing, but they make me realize that the reason I want to visit japan is solely based on the fact that I enjoy their stuff, stuff that I should have let go a long time ago. I suppose I strongly aggree to this is because I suspected it of myself for some time, and reading this has made me realize that. I am one of those “abominations of God”, I would perfer a cartoon girl over a real one, I would by more enthusiastic of Japan than my own country, even though I’ve never been there. All this time, I looked at weird cartoons and thought if I watched them and I would get to know japan. But I do not, I don’t know anything about japan. I lived a delusion for many years, everything I’ve come to know is shattered. And left to wander to find a new purpose to live.

  3. It’s me again! I still want to go to Japan, but I don’t want to go to Tokyo. I want to go to Hokkaido, Kyoto, Osaka. I want to know the real japanese. I want to go to Japan without any expectations. My mind was dirty with unreallistic expectation, but my mind has a new clean slate. I still want to go to Japan, but not as an American Otaku, but as an American Tourist.

  4. soooo true… I hate how they just worship japan when they’ve never been there… it disgust me actually… not that I have anything against the Japanese… but one has to be proud of his nationality and heritage.

  5. Blarghh I totally hate those attitudes of wapaneses and the irritating way to talk to you. E.g. if you talk to them seriously, they would reply in some sort of act-cute manner or something. They think life’s in Japan is just like what depicts in animes; carefree and stress-free. Pif, frogs in wells.

  6. This is a pretty good read, I salute to you, man!
    Otakus, diehard-fans, wapaneses… whatever you called them are cultural bitches because they tend to get obsessed with eastern cultures which they barely know and without doing researches on it. Who says japaneses are the only who eat raw fishes? The chineses also eat raw fishes with gingers and jellyfishes.
    A white guy who worships the japaneses is a wapanese but an asian (chinese/korean) who worships them is a ‘Dog’ or Hon-kan(traitor)
    I was really surprise with the politically-gone-wrong part where wapaneses expressed their supports to the japanese government on issues like rewritting history text books on The Rape of Nanking and frequent visits to the Yakusuni warshrine, which clearly show how immature and ignorant they are regarding with world affairs. Supporting the japs for their favourite animemangas when your forefathers fought them during WWII, what a disgrace!
    Let’s face it, obsession is poison to the mind if one goes overboard with it. Be it animemangas, gambling, alcohol etc. As for cosplay, I felt that cosplay is freakshow for freaks. Anime characters may never looked good in real life.
    I don’t see myself as an otaku, I just enjoy watching animes and mangas(mandarin versions) but I’m also into other common stuffs like cars, general knowledges etc.
    Anyway, there is no point in getting into arguements with these losers because they’re pretty thickhead and has a habit of sending you deaththreats. What for? But should things gone out of hand, let me know and I will stand by you. Cheerio!

  7. waps and japanophiles need a cultural slap in the face, im half jap and this is very insulting to me.. it sickens me. some people here in florida were talking about japanese women like they were sex toys, I am pretty big for being japanese 😛 6’2 242 pounds (im not fat, mostly muscle), highschool Football player (lovin it) i felt like i was going to just beat the hell out of one of them but i decided not to didnt want to get in trouble over that. but more to the topic, i do not understand why Wapanese are so ignorant? and stereo typical?

  8. This article is great, but I’ve got a problem.

    What about the Wapanese who know all about Japan? I mean stuff like the social problems, the textbooks, and things like that? They think that stuff is horrible, but they act like most stereotypical anime people ever: “glomping”, huge fake smiles, bowing to me (because I’m asian, what the hell), and calling me ____-chan.

    What are you supposed to do with those people? Slap them repeatedly until they get the point?

  9. You should commend them for having a balanced view of Japan and even Asia for that matter. Once you have complemented them remind them that no one acts like a fucking anime character in real life and smack them back to reality if you must.

    The complements you give for their actual knowledge will make up for the insults and attacks you will hurl at them for being idiots afterwards. If they keep this up they can still be considered wannabe-Japanese (wapanese)

  10. just a minor, but important point of note…otaku man. you can’t pluralize japanese words. (well, i guess names are ok, like having 2 toyotas in the garage, or having dinner with the sakamotos.) no one says “i had fourteen sushis last night, or a couple of tempuras for a snack.
    also, rape scenes do NOT constitute the majority of AV. although rape scenes are popular, so are bukkake scenes, schoolgirl scenes and office-lady scenes, among many others. walk into any video store for yourself and find a wealth of fetishes…
    i understand how you deplore wapanese, from your posts here and elsewhere. i’ve never really come into contact with one (thank my lucky stars). i think they bother you as much as the japanese rightists bother us both, and how the chinese rightists bug the hell out of me…

  11. …oh, and um, do you think the japanese fetishes come from the videos, or are the videos expressions of the fetishes that were already there?

  12. What came first: the chicken or the egg?

    Poiu – I am impressed by your intricate knowledge of Japanese pr0n.

    Right-wing nuts are crazy yet it seems more people are supportive of Japanese rightists as opposed to the much-vilified Chinese and Korean rightists.

  13. i was actually contemplating doing a cultural comparison between western and eastern pr0n. interesting, yet not fully researched.
    i don’t know if more people are supportive of japanese rightists than any other kind. let’s just acknowledge that i have a gross distaste for super-patriots from anywhere…

  14. So is it bad that I really like Gundam Wing then? 😛

    I’ve never actually seen the original, to be honest.

  15. It’s not too bad until you start pissing all over the original without realising how Wing and Seed just recycle ideas from the original shows

  16. Yes it is. Gundam Seed was pretty bad but Destiny was even worse. This became clear to me after watching some of the Original Series and Gundam Wing again

  17. I totally agree with you. It’s as if someone wants a huge culture change. These days we base things on what we see before-hand without knowing the truth behind it. I am not in denial when i say i enjoy anime or manga, but then again, i enjoy Cartoon Network and most Western cartoons. I find that people should stop thinking that EVERYONE in Japan is animated etc. The generalisation has to stop there and people just have to realise themselves that what they see is not all that there is.

  18. “12 year old girls battling necrophilic Confucian-Nazi Aliens from a dimension grounded on Viking mythology in Okinawa while juggling the problems of finding cute boyfriends and surviving classes. That type of crap seems popular with American Otakus.”…..you are so right.

  19. I don’t think it is right to say that all Wapanese/Japanophiles are exactly the way you have easily stereotyped them. You are right and wrong. Some are a little ignorant and just immature but there are people, such as myself, who enjoy it’s culture & language. I have never been to Japan so cannot say that I would love to live there,etc, but I would love to visit. Also, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with not been patriotic. To be honest, I cannot stand patriotic people. I don’t think it is healthy to be so self obsessed. People need to be open minded and tolerant. But yes, you are right when you say in a sense that some Japanophiles are obsessed with things that are really not something their aged people would be interested in. Also, I think alot of Japanophiles have some very wrong views of Japan such as expecting everyone to be like they are in Anime! I reckon there are Japanophiles of varying degrades. You have to be careful… they’re not all obsessed, wanna be otaku who have never been to Japan. So, I guess I agree with your opinion to an extent. Good to see you have the guts to express your opinion! ^^

  20. haha this was a funny read, I remember watching DBZ in Taiwan before it aired in the states and NZ and as I grew out of it it began airing in NZ then suddenly the craze grew again and I thought they had created a new series or something lol.

  21. C, i agree w/ you. i used to be a full-out “wapanese”,thinking that Japan was a magical place full of anime characters and ppl who are hyper and random just like in anime. buuut…i now know that that isn’t true…^^; it’s a country that has it’s own problems,just like America,or any other country. i will continue to love anime and manga for the rest of my life, and i love cosplaying and acting cutesy and stuff. but that doesn’t mean i’m some otaku(the actual Japanese term meaning “over-obsessor;stays inside all the time—see”welcome to the NHK”–hikikomori”. and also, i have my fair share of issues with America,but that is because there is so much corruption and moral inbalance here. Millions of ppl die of hunger every day while rich Americans(no, we’re not all rich) sit in their bedrooms and cry because they’re mum won’t let them buy a $1,000 dress for Homecoming.(if you really want to buy something so expensive,then save up for it and buy it yourself. that’s what i do when i buy clothes from Japan.) ANY-waaaayy… overall, i think that the “Wapanese” should be allowed to do what they want. If they truly are into all this Japanese stuff, then they will love it all their lives. If not, then they’ll come out of it eventually. Just let what will happen happen. -^o^-

  22. Its true “Wapanese” need to take a reality check, just like any other cartoon anime was made for enjoyment. But what really pisses me off is that there are some wapanese who will even go against what REAL asians say about there country/culture.

  23. …they really do that? …i wonder why we get into this in the first place…? because we’re unhappy with our own lives? or maybe because we want somethin,SOMETHING to happaen to us,like in the adventure shonen mangas…..hn,who knows?! ((o-^_^-o))

  24. i used to be wapanese, but now i really just wanna learn more about the culture, and what life is like there…
    / \ / \
    / \_ _ _ _/ \
    l l
    l O O l
    l __.___ l NYA! (^o^)
    l \/ \/ l
    l l

  25. *COUGH* DEVIANTART *COUGH*9 out of 10 of the morons on Deviantart Don’t Love ‘Japan’ They love what they believe Japan to be. Severely disillusioned that what they read in Manga and see in Anime is all that Japan is about without even studying its political or social history or indeed its other modern contexts, besides videogames, Manga, Anime and various Japanese foodstuffs and catchphrases. Therefore this stamp sucks because it appeals to these individuals who are wholly if not totally moronic. Loving Japan doesen’t make you hip or cool, particularly when you base such love on wholly superficially elements and ideals, it just makes you a sad, immature Japanophile with no realistic long term goals. Get some substance and individuality people, you are boring.

  26. I really love how the pro-Japan controversial causes or movements on facebook are populated by either 1. Japanophiles or 2. Sock puppets named after Japanese historical figures…These people simply take sides with the Japanese causes (whaling, Dokdo, Yasukuni) for the sake of taking them and under the simplistic view that anyone who has contrary views are “anti-Japanese”

  27. Hope you don’t mind me commenting so late, but I’ve read your post on Wapanese several times and each time I read it, it bites me harder than before. I was a Japanophile. Actually, I still am, but I got a big wake-up call when, in Okinawa at the Shurijo Castle, there were two doors: one for Japanese only, and one for foreigners. I don’t know exactly what I thought of Japan before that, but ouch. Kyoto was worse. I can’t tell you how many times I was nearly trampled in the train stations, or the occasional sneer I’d elicit on the streets.

    The less-populated portions of Okinawa were much, much better. Like the fisherman who gave me all the shells from his catches.

    My grandma is full-blooded Japanese (mum is only half), so I’ve been in the culture at least partially all my life. But because I wish I were full Japanese, I get teased for how I feel. I love Japan, even though I know now that it’s no land of magical pocky or girly-girl chicks in funny outfits. I think I’m going to live in Japan’s countryside some day, at least for a couple of years.

    Yeah, I’m a Wapanese/Japanophile, but I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon. Not all Wapanese/Japanophiles are idiots, but I agree a lot of us are. The biggest test for them, I think, is the balance of their interest and obsession. If they only like a few items about Japan, know little to nothing about its history or cultural heritage, and treat the place like a Jerusalem, then yeah, I’d say it’s time for a wake-up call. When I was younger, I only liked anime, knew a few key phrases, and obsessed over Japan to the detriment of other aspects of my life.

    There you have it. Life story. Minus the fangirl Japanese.

  28. Although I’m Asian and I love anime & manga, I can’t say that I am Japanophile since there are alos things I hate Japan specifically the attrocities they committed during World War 2 which they reject and say that “it was an act of self-defense” despite they clearly invaded many countires from 1908 to 1945

    But what I hate about Wapanese and Japanophiles is that they will believe on what the Japanese will say and reject the truth from other Asian’s perspectives. These people will always think Japa is superior and there might be a possibility that some Wapanese wished that Japan should have won World War 2, clear evidence that they only care about Japanese culture and screw other Asian culture. If this is true, then I guess they don’t remember Pearl Harbor. I wonder, how would they live if they exists as Wapanese during the years 1941 to 1945, wherein Japan is an enemy of the Allied nations…

    Wapanese also bastardize Japanese language and culture, they think that if they learn and act Japanese, they’ll become one but what they do not know is that Japanese people look down at Wapanese as they reject their own culture and accept a culture that is not theirs.

    When it comes to anime girls, so I might love anime girls (and some point prefer anime girls than real girls), if a real girl likes me, then I would accept her, though I have to know her and I still have a sense for reality, but the Wapanese, what they want is impossible because aside from they prefer anime girls, when it comes to real girls, they want to be with a Japanese girl but the irony is that, Japanese girl would look down them, specially if the Wapanese is a fat Wapanese with no life and they should really need to have reality check.

    Finally, I think when it comes to cosplay, some or if not, most of Wapanese bastardize that hobby as some doesn’t look like the character they cosplay, instead they are the abominal version.

    1. Maybe I misunderstood something. Is this bashing all fans of anime and manga, or just the weeaboos that think they know what they’re talking about and have ‘waifus’?

      1. The weeboos and fans have very little difference nowadays…one thing is for certain is intelligence and maturity are thrown out the window in both “groups”

  29. If it really annoys you…just remember this…

    ….their parents have to pay for their plane ticket…so get growing up kids and get a job if you wanna go and live out your fantasies/dreams! 😉

  30. Not all of them. Some are from rich families while others spend much of their time in Japan working as English teachers or various undocumented odd jobs.

  31. One of my ‘friends’ loves anime and asian stuff and japan….but she doesnt like asian girls mainly.
    im the only asian she actually likes….
    and all she talks about to me is how her hair looks asian or shes getting a japanese phone and how shes going to go to japan and become a lolita…….she’ll only date asian guys. now apparently she is trying to get me to wear a frilly maid outfit……..its annoying….

  32. Hey, lifeinmotion. I just read your article and I highly agree with you, albeit myself being a Japanophile but not one of those ‘Japanophiles’ if you get me. I don’t really care if someone reads a bunch of manga and/or anime, but if they start mentioning about how awesome naruto or some random anime character is then it really buggers me to shit. Also, if someone calls Japan ‘glorius Nippon’ or something else just coz they are so into anime and manga (or even so, video games) then I laugh at how far they are from the face of reality.

    Now I myself love to watch Bleach and old Japanese films (including the Kurosawa classics), study japanese and get to know about Japanese culture. However, I do highly admire it over my own because I was so fascinated to know Japan a lot since I was 11 plus I am learning Japanese at university. Plus, I even watch the anime in Japanese so I could understand more about the language. But really, my goal (or dream, whatever you like to call it) is to study, work and maybe live in Japan because I want to know Japan more (which explains why I disassociate myself from the weeaboos and japanophiles that you are referring to).

    Hope this helps you comprehend to what I am saying to ya. Sayounara. 🙂

  33. Oh and also, even though I highly admire Japanese culture over my own, I will never forget my own cultures (I am part Pacifc Islander and European, but the Euro part has the best of me 😛 haha)

  34. I’m so glad I read this. It’s been bugging me for a LONG TIME. I go to a Japanese class because I am seriously interested in learning more about different languages and cultures. Yes, maybe especially Japan. It’s history and culture interests me a lot; it’s just so different from my own! Most of the other students in my class are hard-core animefanboys/girls. They don’t know one bit Japanese (except for maybe “SHINDE”, “YAMEROOOOO”, “arigatou”, “Kawaii”… you get the idea). They don’t even try to get better! They sit in class, playing on their DS or computer or whatever, not respecting or following what the teacher is saying at all. This drives me MAD. I have a lot of friends who love some Japanese anime (yeah, because the quality is EXTREMELY different from show to show). I even LOVE and ADORE some movies or series from Japan as well. But this is just getting too far… only listening to Japanese music. Only watching stuff from Japan. Telling everyone that “Oh, I know EVERYTHING about this country” and then sit in class and don’t even try to get better. I am so sick of it, and I am so glad I’m not the only one.

    I have to say though; not everyone who likes anime are like this. It’s nice to have a hobby or interest, but it’s irritating to watch students choose to study the Japanese language in school solely because they love Japanese anime and then not even try to study it seriously. More than 50 % of my Japanese class consist of lazy otaku’s who just… do absolutely nothing.

    1. “Japanese class” as in a class who studies Japanese language in school. Obviously, I guess. Just ’cause I thought it looked weird. 🙂

  35. Came across this while Googling (I won’t say ‘randomly’ because I’m sure you have had enough of the word ‘random’ if you see these kids often).

    The success of the Pokémon anime is alarming, specifically the animation (and the Sonic one to a lesser but more fanatic extent).

    As a half-Asian whose knowledge of Japan extends as far as the Yakuza games and anything Hideo Kojima makes, even I knew they were so lazily animated. But people love it just as much as that it’s about Pokémon.

    One time I had my speakers off and Sonic came on, and it was a slideshow rather than animation! I actually had to turn my speakers on for a few seconds just to make sure they were actually speaking.

    BTW, I bet you love Gwen Stefani.

    1. I remember sitting at an Otakon convention I attended in the spirit of adventure and because 2 of my friends were presenting there. At one of the film screenings, one guy wanted my take on Sino-Japanese relations but walked away as soon as I told them that it was merely pandering to divert attention from domestic problems and that it was bad for business. Others seemed more interested in listening. The irony was that it was the 35-50 year old Japanophile who walked away while the younger ones stayed and made an effort to listen. Then again, this is also telling of the lack of education they all have on Asian affairs.


  36. We’re all free willed and should be allowed to pursue any hobby we wish as long is it’s not harming others. If someone likes anime a lot and appears to be a complete otaku, it’s their life and money they’re spending on their passion. Let them figure out for themselves the time and energy they’re spending is for little merit. You can’t pretend to know everything about someone simply because they like anime. I can write a book about all the pop cultural groups I find annoying but in the end will it sway any opinions? Probably not. Perhaps your obsession with not liking otakus or otaku-wannabes runs deeper than their actual interest in anything anime or manga. I meet many “Christians” that think they know the bible and such but are completely blinded by what they’ve been told as truth or what they’ve read and seen on the television. It’s no different. Let people be what they want to be and figure out the truths of life for themselves. Everything is relative.

  37. People feel the same way about Black Americans. They believe Black people actually act the way they see in movies and TV shows. People are gullible in believing how any medium portrays a culture.

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