I support the right to bear arms responsibly, but I don’t think idiots have the right to bear arms.

Dokdo belongs to Korea and the Kurils belong to Russia. These countries are willing to destroy Japan to defend their claims.

Taiwan belongs to China and Taiwan Province’s future is directly linked with how their government wishes to deal with the Mainland.

Michael Moore is the Republicans’ secret weapon because he has done more to undermine Democrats than the combined efforts of right-wing think-tanks, FOX News, conservative pundits, and the Republican Party itself.

Chen Shuibian has lost his way and need to step down. History will be much kinder to him and people will remember him best for his contributions towards reforming ROC democracy if he just steps down.

Internet Neutrality must be preserved if there is to be free exchange of information, continued innovation and the idea of implementing tier-access, website restrictions borders on Internet censorship.

The Japanese Liberal Democratic Party has been a pawn of the United States government since its creation in post-war Japan. Declassified documents have shown the CIA bankrolled the party and trained prominent LDP politicians in the art of American politicking with none of the restrictions that kept US politics relatively clean.

The War on Iraq was a success with a rapid and swift victory in conquering the pariah state, but the post-war efforts are a complete disaster. It looks like the Americans and their allies will be stuck there for the long-term.

Israel inspires Islamic extremism and Mel Gibson with their questionable policies such as their Security Wall around Palestine, discrimination against their taxpaying Israeli Arab citizens, and their recent excursion into Lebanon.

Apple does make better computers and the iPod is the walkman of our era. However, people are more familiar with using PCs in their lives and Microsoft has made us all dependent on their software and services.

The day I heard Intel powering Macs was equivalent to archaeologists finding gnostic texts claiming that Jesus was a flaming homosexual who had a relationship with Peter.

It’s ok to be gay so long as you do not exhibit stereotypical behaviour that makes Richard Simmons look like a straight cowboy. Go be gay, pay your taxes, serve your country and get married if you can. Be yourself but not a living stereotype.

The day of reckoning has come for our Big Three American auto manufacturers. Chrysler is relatively safe from its 1998 acquisition by Mercedes-Benz and from excellent leaders such as Dieter Zeitsch while GM is forced to implement massive cutbacks to remain competitive while Ford is taking steps to liquidate several of their plants and subsidiaries to also remain competitive.

Sacha Baron Cohen is a brilliant comedian. It takes someone with incredible intelligence to create characters that are so incredibly stupid, racist yet highly amusing. I look foward to seeing the Borat movie when it is released.


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