Prison Break – Season 2, Episode 3

It looks like no one died this episode except for a beat up Honda Accord and some piles of packaged meats.  Michael once again summons his cover wife Nika to his aid and she remains loyal to him in spite of the trouble she could get herself into.  However, it looks like Balliwick got to her again just like in the first season when he threatened to report her to INS if she didn’t tell him what she gave to Michael in prison.  I honestly was hoping Tweener would die from driving straight into a bridge or just from drinking a lava lamp.  The actor who portrays Tweener does a great job making his character look like a front-runner for this year’s Darwin Awards.

Although Tweener is legally retarded, Sucre is turning out to be the main comic relief for this season.  He first steals a car to drive all the way to NYC after hearing his girl is getting married then evades some hick cop in Pennsylvania when he was pulled over.  The irony is that Sucre’s fiance is getting married in Las Vegas, which is what his friend tries to tell him before he hung up in a frenzy, and now he takes his bike for a trek back to the west coast.  One the other hand, C-Note is using secret messages to get in touch with his wife and daughter but that is complicated by the Federal agent who is trying to extract information from his wife.

One of the twists from this episode was learning that Sara’s father has sold his soul to work for the Company, who has also sent their agent to shadow Sara.  Doesn’t it seem a bit too convenient for Michael to tattoo his prison break plans in addition to several contingency plans should he ever get into complications?


One thought on “Prison Break – Season 2, Episode 3

  1. tweener is great he is my personal favourite character and i would really love to see him make it to the end of the 2nd season, the episode (first down) shows tweener getting all anxious in the car on the way to utah and you also see that he is definetly not gay as he has a romantic moment in the motel with debra jean, i think that tweener deserves his share of the money and deserves to get away and be free.

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