Never Shop at! does not deliver as they said they would.  For some reason they still were able to run out of merchandise despite having a clear record of how many copies they needed to order from pre-orders alone.  The worst part is they will not allow you to cancel an order even if it is both out-of-stock and no longer searchable on their retail website.

Their automated online tech support responds as if they were all connected to narrowband ISPs while their customer service is impotent in getting any of your problems resolved.  All customer service can do is foward the issues to the “Research Team” and they will take their sweet time (3-5 business days) to provide a response.  They are unable to redirect you to the Research Team department if you call them by phone or even email the specific issues to them.

If you’re looking to get ripped off or getting your time wasted, then shop at  Otherwise, shop at more reliable e-tailers such as or or just go over to the mall to get what you’re looking for.

I am never shopping at ever again for as long as they exist.


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