Prison Break Season 2, Episode 4

Bellick and accomplice chase Michael, Lincoln and Nika on the road with the rear-wheel drive GM junk car.  Unfortunately, they were able to overtake our heroes who were only driving a Ford Contour (Mondeo).  Along the chase Nika learns about the $5 million and tries to play both sides before deciding to stay by Michael’s side because she loves him; but only to find out he is madly in love with Sara.  Sara on the other hand is being shadowed by Agent Mahone who pretends to be an MS victim to get closer to her and to also see it Scofield contacts her.

Meanwhile, T-Bag manages to work his way to Nebraska but still has problems with his dying hand.  He nearly gets busted by the local police but is able to pin the stolen Jeep down to a “liberal” hippie and talk his way into a ride with some guy and his daughter.  T-Bag allows the pedophile to get the better of him and fails to seduce the young girl, but not before taking out her father and stealing his car.

Abruzzi gets consumed from revenge and is promptly taken out by the Feds after falling for a false lead on Fibonacci’s whereabouts.

On the other hand, Tweener is just plain stupid in this entire episode by pretending to know John Denver and acting like a poseur.  The entire episode led me to believe that he was going to get arrested or die from excessive stupidity, but it turned out Abruzzi was the dead man.  The retard actually got off lucky by getting it on with a girl, which he deserved, consider Avocado brought the girl out of him several times in the last season.

Now we are left to wonder if Nika really did join up with Bellick and company…


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