Prison Break Season 2, Episode 5

Michael and Lincoln finally make it to Utah but so have Tweener and T-Bag.  Tweener was able to get with that girl as it turns out but she freaks out when a cop shows up to her room asking if she had seen someone matching Tweener’s description.  She is shocked but decides not to turn him in and lets him use her car to get to Utah.  I am not sure if Tweener wrote “Aloha” as some sad attempt to throw the police off to where he is going or he really thinks Mormons speaks another language in Utah.

On the other hand C-Note is able to hitch a ride on a train bound for Utah, but has some problems with the conductor.  Before he is arrested by the Amtrak police, C-Note manages to find the exact coordinates using his Army account with another passenger’s computer.  Meanwhile, Sucre did manage to make it to Las Vegas on time for Maricruz’s wedding but his plans are ruined thanks to Hector.  Now it looks like Sucre is back to hunting for DB Cooper’s millions like the rest of our heroes.

Everyone is converging on Utah looking for DB Cooper’s millions.  However, that is not to be as the silo where the money is buried has been built over by suburban sprawl and that ends tonight’s episode.  Another item of interest is that the agent hunting Michael gets his painkillers from one of his former informants from the Shales case.


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