Current Events in a Nutshell

Thai Military overthrows Thaksin Shinawatra’s government, suspends the constitution and imposes and information blackout on the country.  Only Tony Jaa can step up and save the country from authoritarian rule, AIDS, prostitution, ladyboys and corrupt foreigners.

In Taiwan Province, pro-Chen forces have been attacking anyone or anything that has been spotted with the colour red or blue.  This means red Honda Civics are under threat, pizza hut delivery boys are under threat, the Depose A-Bian supporters are subject to reprisals.  However children are also affected as Mario from Super Mario Bros is now accused of being a Pan-Blue Depose Chen supporter as he wears a red hat, red shirt and blue overalls along with Winnie the Pooh who also wears a red t-shirt.  This week I learned of a new Taiwanese stereotype where pro-independence Taiwanese are extremely adverse to anything with the colour red.

Bush is once again spewed crap all over the United Nations in his recent speech in the General Assembly.  He claims democracy is being spread in the Middle East yet Iraq is still a weak democracy that is dependent on Anglo-American blood to maintain a false sense of progress in that nation, hardliners who were elected in Iran are slowly chipping away whatever reforms were made under Khatami’s rule, and the Taliban is making a comeback in Afghanistan.

In Japan, it looks like Abe is going to become their next Prime Minister.  Let’s all hope he is smart enough to keep his personal views to himself and focus more on real problems such as the economy, corruption and North Korea.


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