All the Best to Top Gear’s Richard Hammond

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond is continuing to give doctors concern after crashing a jet-powered car at speeds of up to 300mph. The 36-year-old suffered a “significant brain injury” during filming.

Doctors at Leeds General Infirmary have said they were “reasonably optimistic” that he would make a good recovery.

Richard Hammond, one of the three presenters in Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear has suffered brain damage as a result of a stunt gone terribly wrong.  No one really knows how this will affect his behaviour, his thought process or his ability to perform the job he loves.  Around the world, Hammond was able to find great success and popularity through his enthusiastic and odd comparisons in his Top Gear reports as well as the on-camera dynamic with Jeremy Clarkson and James May.  However, the Americans will just know him as that “English dude from that science show on G4” and a few will know him as “that other guy who was co-host with that anti-American Jeremy Clarkson on that ca show”.

There was a great deal of anticipation for the new series of Top Gear and it was surprising at first that Hammond would get into such a horrific accident in the first place.  There was one episode where Richard Hammond raced a skydiver in a tuned Porsche Cayenne and nearly got into a car accident when he was caught in the moment.  Then there was another time where he nearly drowned while trying to see if he can get out of a car that was completely submerged in water as well as nearly freezing to death to test a car’s ability to withstand extreme weather.  It’s really disappointing that something like this would happen when the Top Gear staff and the presenters normally take measures to ensure their safety when performing high risk stunts.  There is really no one to blame for this other than the company who supplied Top Gear with the jet-powered car that may have cause irreversible brain damage to Richard Hammond.  Neither Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond, Top Gear producers or even the BBC are to blame for today’s accident.

Regardless of who is at fault, the onsite paramedics and staff must be commended for providing a rapid response to Richard Hammond before the situation got any worse.

I wish Hammond and his family the best and for a speedy recovery so he can continue doing what he loves for years to come as a Top Gear fan.

Here is an idea of how the stunt went wrong and how it may affect the “Hamster”:

Richard Hammond's Accident


One thought on “All the Best to Top Gear’s Richard Hammond

  1. hi hamster how are you. i was on the internet and i the chash picher of the crash i clicked on it and that crash was something hey. i am your bigest fan john henry hinder. age 8. i watch your show evry day even if i seen it before. if its not a problem can i have your auot graph please when you get this please. i live a 7 warron way yate bristol. get better soon.

    from john henry hinder.

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