Interesting Day

I was crazy enough to ask several British business clients about Richard Hammond in the middle of training them to use my company’s solutions.  The sad part was they only knew what was being reported on the BBC, Top Gear and ITV websites and nothing more.

Facebook has become too stalker-friendly in these past weeks and it will only get worse when they make the entire website public on October 1st.  It does not help that Yahoo will be buying them out for $1 billion, which will result in Facebook being heavily dumbed-down to integrate it with Yahoo! 360 and whatever it needs to make it mirror MySpace.

I learned they had dropped the price for PS3 in an announcement made at the Tokyo Game Show.  However, this was only for the core model, not the standard model that I am saving up for.  Let’s see the standard model will cost $600, games will cost at least $50, not sure about the Memory Card adapter, and the Memory Sticks will set me back at least $30.  Worst yet is I will be paying for all of this using my credit card in order to acquire cashback points and to accumulate interest in my bank accounts.

EDIT: I just learned I am still being stalked by crazy people who profess to have no desire to be in my life, yet they still stalk me through my various websites, blogs and comments I have placed on various website.  You people need to get a life!


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