Note To Self

The bigger the asshole you are,

the better the girlfriend/relationship.

I’ve seen this in high school

I’ve seen it on college

Zuri was right: “Women are stupid.”  It’s quite ironic how women will allow themselves to be controlled or return to someone who has been established to have mistreated them.  Maybe there is that delusion that they can somehow tame him for the better or that’s what they should expect if they are looking for some fun in that part of their lives.  It would be easy to believe that all I need to do is be an incredibly huge asshole if I wanted to find companionship from the opposite sex although I never wanted to sink to a level or become something I detest.

The jocks in high school were able to date/score with the popular/cute girl of their day while the frat boys were able to fuck/conquer the hottest girls in their campuses.  It’s really frustrating seeing these immature, thugged-out poseurs being able to win the hearts and minds of pretty girls while the normal, intellectual and mature male has to deal with spending their Saturday nights in the company of other single men or get asked out by the same sex on random occasions.  This is not the way our world should be working and it pains me to say this is one of the many reasons I have lost complete faith in humanity.


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