The Black Dahlia and The Departed trailer

The Black Dahlia was an interested film based on a novel written by the same author of LA Confidential. The movie involves the lives of two detectives who are gradually consumed by the real-life murder of Elizabeth Short and the sex, lies, and drugs that were festering in 1940s Los Angeles. The movie consists of over 2 and a half hours of convoluted subplots, twists and monologues by Josh Harnett as he tries to solve the case and deal with related issues stemming from it.

The Story (Spoilers):

Elizabeth Short and her friend needed money so Dolph Bleichert, a building tycoon who made money by converting old studio sets into homes, pimped Elizabeth out to his friend George Tilden. However, his wife Ramona Linscott, who was jealous his daughter was having a relationship with her husband, arranges to have George set Elizabeth up to be murdered because she resembled her daughter. It turns our her daughter, Madeleine was actually the product of an affair between Ramona and George and Madeleine is a actually a slut who likes to sleep around with strange men and women.

Lee Blanchard stole money from the bank robbery committed by Bobby DeWitt and used it to fund his lavish lifestyle for him and his girlfriend Kay. He was planning on using his partner Bucky Bleichert as the fall guy if he was ever caught with this. This was also the reason why Lee was hellbent on getting rid of DeWitt. Lee is later killed when he attempts to take out DeWitt in a drug deal set up by a mobster he gets his drugs from.

After learning the truth about the Black Dahlia murders, Bucky confronts Madeleine in a hotel room and shoots her. He returns to Kay but is still haunted by the image of Elizabeth Short’s mutilated corpse and the movie ends.

The Departed trailer that screened before the film was quite interesting. Based on Infernal Affairs I predict the following will happen in The Departed:

-Leonardo DeCaprio’s character will die by Mark Walhberg, who is Jack Nicholson’s second mole
-Mark Walhberg will be murdered by Matt Damon in cold blood for killing Leo
-Jack Nicholson will be murdered in cold blood by Matt Damon in a warehouse
-Martin Sheen will get thrown off a building and die protecting Leonardo DeCaprio
-The girl who plays Matt Damon’s girlfriend will learn the truth of his double-life
-Alec Baldwin will kill Matt Damon after learning the truth about him


One thought on “The Black Dahlia and The Departed trailer

  1. I am a big Damon fan. I loved the Bourne movies and I just heard that there will be a third and finally movie. Anybody know when that will come out?

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