Who Killed the Electric Car? and Hard Candy

Two films I saw today were “Who Killed the Electric Car?”and “Hard Candy”, two films that were popular in independent art houses.

Who Killed the Electric Car is a documentary that traces the development of the General Motors EV1 from its beginnings due to California emissions laws to its untimely demise because of the Bush Administration’s support for Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology.  The film concludes that the culprits for the demise of electric cars in our generation were from the following:

  • Consumers — Guilty due to apathy and desire for gas-guzzling SUVs
  • Batteries — Not Guilty because later generations were increasingly efficient and cheaper
  • Oil companies — Guilty for lobbying against electric cars, hybrids and for alternative fuels that would preserve their existing business models
  • Car companies — Guilty for poorly marketing electric cars, refusing to sell to niche segments, and promoting technologies that would ensure profits
  • Government — Guilty for caving into the demands of the oil and automobile lobbies
  • California Air Resources Board — Guilty for repealing regulations that would ensure the existence of electric cars for hydrogen fuel cells
  • Hydrogen fuel cell — Guilty for being promoted as a viable technology when it was never the case

However, there is hope was independent entrepreneurs have developed electric vehicles that have plug-in slots and have advanced electric batteries.  A great example is the Tesla Roadster which is basically a Lotus Elise with an advanced electric motor and the Venturi Fetish.  The next best thing we have now are Hybrid cars, which are also incorporating more fuel efficient electric motors and internal combustion engines to maximise fuel efficiency.  It is safe to say Ford, DCX and GM dropped the ball when it came to hybrid technology unlike Toyota and Honda.

Hard Candy is a pedophile revenge thriller where a girl tricks a pedophile into inviting her over his house.  Once she is inside his home, she drugs him and begins psychologically torturing him over the whereabouts of a missing girl, how he developed his sick tendencies, and torturing him until it reaches a shocking conclusion at the end.  The film has a cameo by Sandra Oh and the title comes from an Internet slang used to describe underaged girls.


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