Prison Break Season 2, Episode 6

Tweener must die. That idiot can’t do anything right. First, he just barely gets the right tools for the dig because he’s semi-literate and second he forgot the gas to run that American junk car the gang is using. Also, he was too slow to realise that the gas station attendant was calling the cops the moment he saw him at the gas pump. Next Monday someone is supposed to be caught and I really hope it is Tweener.

Some would believe Sucre or Lincoln would get caught next week, but I really hope Tweener is taken out of the show. Anyway, in this week’s episode, Michael, Lincoln with help from T-Bag are able to pinpoint the site where the silo was built over and it turns out to be on a garage. Michael gets Tweener to drive back to the general store to get some tools and disguises to enter into the home for the dig. However, Tweener being the retard that he is manages to get caught by the other store manager and only knocks him out after the store manager made a call to the police. What is even worse was that Tweener was just smart enough to return to the gang with the tools but with no gas. We finally saw the “Real Deal” from Tweener after Fox River and boy is that kid retarded.

Despite all of Tweener’s stupidity, the gang mananges to talk themselves into the garage and T-Bag volunteers to sweet talk the homeowner. In the middle of the dig, C-Note and Sucre walk in and demand to get their fair share, which Michael reluctantly agrees to. Both C-Note and Sucre have very little to live for and they really need their share of the money to get through their problems, so it’s a good decision. While they continue digging Michael tells them to register to so they can all keep in touch and coordinate their activities around the manhunt. The funny thing is that the site is active and may have clues to what’s to come on the show.

The founder of the website is KVFinchlover7475, which could be Michael Scofield, and contains threads that may have coded messages or plans.

In the Company subplot, Agent Kellerman finds himself losing influence with the President and forced to report to Agent Kim while Sara’s father becomes suspicious of “Lance”.

Oh, Tweener gets caught by the Feds near the end of the episode because he was too stupid.


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