Facebook is Creepy

It is now official.  We can now invite non-networked people into Facebook in a manner that is similar to MIXI.  Facebook now also has a feature that will scan your AOL, Yahoo. Hotmail and Gmail account for any email addresses that are already on Facebook or to invite.  Soon Facebook will resemble MySpace and it appears that the My Profile page is getting an update since it’s the only page I can’t access at this time.

My life is changing though it is not on Facebook.  However, Facebook, like many other websites is a great way to kill time in the event of downtime at work.  I can use it to mobilise any grassroots campaigns I have established on Facebook, place random messages to check up on friends and even look at their updates to see what they’ve been up to.  However, with Facebook going public, it would be safe for everyone to expect a lot more stalkers to creep into their lives, especially for those who are already popular either on Facebook or in life.

So Yahoo! has a good chance of buying Facebook and integrating it with their Yahoo! 360 service while MySpace is getting completely dumbed-down now that it’s another tool at Rupert Murdoch’s disposal.  I am told Murdoch’s Chinese wife is developing a Chinese MySpace for the Greater China segment while Facebook will get watered down to accomodate more people.  It’s only a matter of time before they make a social networking site for B2B solutions, Swingers, Nazis, and Mel Gibson admirers if they haven’t already.


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