Dodge Avenger

The Americans can actually make bold, aggressive-looking American cars. The irony is it took German ownership for Chrysler to finally get these kinds of cars onto the market. The Dodge Avenger is what Chrysler did right as opposed to the Chrysler Sebring, which took the worst design cues from every Chrysler model. Although the Avenger looks like a mini-Charger, it does a great job looking like a reasonably priced sports sedan for consumers looking for that Dodge attitude without the gas-guzzling HEMI or steep prices. If only Chrysler were smart enough to do this with the Sebring instead of making it look like a glorified Saturn Ion. Still, it would be nice to see more Mercedes parts and engineering coming into play on future models from the Chrysler group.

After all, Chrysler was able to see its recent comeback thanks largely to “Dr. Z” and from purging the old American management that brought Chrysler to the Germans in the first place. Maybe Nanjing Auto can pull off a renaissance in what’s left of MG Rover or not…


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