Prison Break Season 2, Episode 7

Oh my God! He killed Tweener! That bastard!  Tweener is finally dead after he is shot to death by Mahone, who did not want anyone to know his deep dark secrets and drug habit.  Before Mahone unloaded a clip on our poor Tweener, David managed to redeem himself by not selling out to his fellow Fox River buddies by leading them to the wrong house and was able to tell that girl how he felt about her.  Now that Tweener is gone, Sucre is set to become the show’s resident idiot while Haywire is now the show’s comic relief and filler time.

Anyway, the episode picked up with Michael and T-Bag freaking out over the cop, who is actually the homeowner’s daughter.  She is promptly subdued by Lincoln but not before hitting Sucre in the head, which may have played a role in his change of heart.  The gang is finally able to dig deep enough to extract the $5 million out of the garage but this was done after Lincoln decides to head to Arizona to pick up his son.  I said before that LJ is useless and does nothing but cause our heroes trouble and this episodes proves me right again.  Lincoln has decided to fall into the Company’s deathtrap and somehow will come into play when Lincoln and Michael talk via the Internet.

On the Kellerman subplot, the Company decides to withdraw the governor’s nomination and suicide him after they catch him warning Sara about Kellerman.  Agent Kim later implies to Kellerman they will suicide Sara, and we learn her death will look like a drug overdose.  Will Kellerman defy his shadow government, stop acting gay and save Sara?

The episode wraps up with the cop trying to talk Sucre to turn himself in because he is in a lot of trouble and reminds him that he is a good man.  She did a great job in reverse psychology because Sucre turns on everyone just when this week’s episode ends and previews show he leaves with all the money.

Other items, Haywire is going to Holland by building a wooden raft to cross the Michigan river and Tweener is dead.


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